If you're looking for a reason to drink hot chocolate several times a week, we've got your excuse right here. These two recipes will leave you feeling like you've indulged.... Read more →

Recipe: Pumpkin Spice Walnut Butter Cups [GF/V]

Who doesn't crave peanut butter cups? This seasonal and healthy variation is to-die-for good. You can make these Pumpkin spice walnut butter cups from scratch, but we've included shortcuts so... Read more →

Recipe: Easy Pumpkin Spice Granola [GF/V]

Granola is one of life's simple pleasure! It's easy to make at home and so customizable. It fills your home with amazing aromas and provides that little something extra that... Read more →

Summer Recipes for Tea & Matcha

For the days that it's just too hot for hot tea, you need a few go-to recipes to cool down with your tea and matcha. Here are a few of... Read more →

Celery Juice + Matcha - the ultimate health drink?

The title of this blog post is a little tongue in cheek ;) We know matcha is here to stay, but what about celery juice? I originally thought that the... Read more →

Citrus Cranberry Tea Cocktail Recipe

Looking for a cocktail that will impress on New Year's Eve? We've got the recipe for you! All you need is orange juice, lemon juice, vodka and a nice sweet... Read more →

3 Marvelous Matcha Holiday Recipes

These recipes are bound to spread holiday cheer! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s the time for carols. It’s the time for recipes. What else is it... Read more →

Nourishing Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe

Today is Halloween. And you know what’s scary? All the artificial flavours and sweeteners in a typical pumpkin spice latte. That’s right, the standard order for a 16oz. pumpkin spice... Read more →

Pumpkin Spice lattes, loaves & granola

This Fall, a healthy twist on a delicious standby! Feel good about your pumpkin spice addiction.  It’s October. As we strap ourselves into windbreakers, and witness the colours of leaves shift... Read more →

Raspberry Matcha Bliss Chocolate Sauce

This Raspberry Matcha Bliss Chocolate Sauce is the best addition to pancake Sunday! Raspberries, cacao, maca, reishi and matcha - energy and adaptogens in a delicious chocolate sauce. Layer this into... Read more →

Matcha Walnut Date Bliss Balls for Energy & Mood

These Matcha Walnut Date Bliss Balls are exactly what we needed to add some bite-sized energy to our day. A healthy, nutrient-dense snack that tastes so decadent! We started with walnuts for... Read more →

Coconut Matcha Whip Cream for all your Festivi-teas

Matcha makes everything look festive. That's why you've got to put this matcha whip on top of all your holiday desserts! This recipe is made with coconut milk because matcha and... Read more →

Golden Turmeric Ice Cream

The other day I saw a dairy-free turmeric ice cream in a small shop and I was so excited. I love turmeric. I waited patiently to get home and as... Read more →

No Bake Golden Turmeric Bliss Balls

Why didn’t we think of this sooner? Bliss balls are the best mid-morning or afternoon snack and we make them all the time with our matcha. So, why not our... Read more →

Summer Sips Recipes: Sea Breeze

One of our featured teas for the May subscription box was Sea Breeze, a herbal blend from Aromatica Fine Teas. We fell in love with this tea. It's a sweet citrus... Read more →

Our Best Tips for Eating & Drinking on a Cleanse

Our last Power of Plants Series talked about detoxifying herbs that will help you restore your body from a sluggish, toxic state. You can read that here. In this post,... Read more →

Matcha Semifreddo Recipe [vegan option too]

I always want to experiment with ice cream flavours, but can’t bring myself to dishing out for an ice cream maker. Who has room for another appliance anyway. We finally... Read more →

Matcha Superfood Energy Bites

These bites are raw, gluten free, vegan, plant-based and boosted with matcha.  Although we created Matcha Fuel to be a pre-workout, it's actually really versatile. We started experimenting with power foods... Read more →

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