We've been around the tea industry for awhile now and there are 3 things that we absolutely know for sure.

      1. Tea drinkers LOVE to discover new teas.

        We buy teas when we don't need them and our tea cupboards are packed. Can you relate? So why do we keep buying more? Because of that feeling we get when we find a new tea we love! Whether it's a cool flavour, a unique ingredient or a find from a trusted recommendation, we are in endless pursuit of tea discovery.

      2. The best teas are found outside of the big chain tea stores and supermarkets.

        A lot of us buy tea at the chain tea stores and supermarkets. It's so convenient! What's exciting for us is the world of teas out there that taste incredible because they're hand-crafted by talented, independent tea makers all across North America.

      3. How to pick damn good teas.

        We've tasted thousands of teas from hundreds of different tea makers (tough livin', we know), to uncover what we truly believe to be some of the best teas out there. Teas crafted by hand, in small batches using premium, all-natural ingredients. 

So why did we create Amoda?

To provide a fun & simple way for tea drinkers to discover the industry's best tasting teas and the amazing independent tea makers who craft them.