plant power

We make matcha adaptogen blends and wellness teas for body, mind and mood.

We know tea.

We’ve tasted thousands of teas from hundreds of independent makers all across North America to bring you small-batch, all-natural selections that you just won’t find anywhere else. We know that plants can help elevate your body, mind, and mood and we want to share that with you.


We source small-batch matcha.

Part of the reason we started Amoda was because we craved a traditional-tasting matcha that was free of any nasties and was not mass-produced. For us, that meant traveling to Uji, Japan, the birthplace of matcha, sourcing directly and getting to know our producer. Our matcha is the purest, most vibrant we could find and it’s brimming with goodness. We don't skimp when it comes to our matcha elixir blends either. They are rooted with the same premium matcha we sell pure.


We care about body, mind and mood.

Life can be stressful and that takes its toll on you. Whether it’s one of our wellness teas – developed with Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners – our matcha adaptogen elixir blends or our tea subscription boxes, we got your body, mind, and mood covered. Never any fillers, artificial flavours or sweeteners. Just pure plant power. 


amoda kintsugi logo

The beauty of impermanence: Wabi Sabi.

Our logo is inspired by Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. To us, it represents the breaks, cracks and flaws in life and how beautiful they make us — they are neither good or bad, they just are. This is part of the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi. We hope when you enjoy our tea, your mind clears for a moment and you too can see the beauty in the chaos of life.

When doctors couldn’t help, I harnessed the power of plants.amoda team

My obsession with matcha really began after I started taking Japanese tea ceremony lessons 15 years ago. Later in life, I discovered the full power of plants when I developed a stomach illness that conventional medicine failed to diagnose and treat. Stress was taking its toll on me. I started studying herbs, teas, and adaptogens and blending my own elixirs because all I found in stores was low grade matcha mixed with sugar and adaptogens with far too much stevia and I just couldn't trust the quality. I knew people could start to take their wellness into their own hands if they had a product they could trust. Since then I have become a huge advocate of plant-sourced wellness and in 2015, with the help of my brother, Amoda was reborn. 

-- Tegan Woo, Founder