The Monthly Box:

Detailed FAQs for the Monthly Box are available at the bottom of the Subscription page.




The Monthly Tea Box ships free within North America.

All other products and orders:

Within BC: $10 with free shipping over $75
Everywhere else in North Americas: $12 with free shipping over $100

And when can I expect my order?

We'll ship your order within 2 business days and you should see it within 3-10 business days after that, depending on where you live in North America. Please view our shipping page for current shipping conditions.

Can I track my package?

Canadian orders through the website (excluding subscription boxes) do have tracking, American orders do not have tracking unless you choose express shipping. If you choose the express courier shipping for your US order, then you will receive a tracking code.

Canadian subscription boxes do not have tracking. US subscription boxes have a tracking number. You can email us to request tracking information if you're wondering where your shipped subscription box is.