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Organic Drinkable Wellness For Your Everyday Routine

Life can be stressful and that takes its toll on you. Whether it’s one of our wellness teas – developed with Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners – our matcha adaptogen latte blends or our tea subscription boxes, we've got your body, mind, and mood covered. Never any fillers, artificial flavours or sugar. Just pure plant power.

Pure & Simple

Organic ingredients. No fillers. No sugar. No artificial flavouring.

Mindful Sourcing

Carefully and ethically sourced teas and herbs.

Real Amounts

Actually feel the benefits of what you’re drinking. This is not the placebo effect.


We use ingredients with studies to back them up.

Meet the Founder of Amoda

I've tasted thousands of teas from hundreds of independent makers all across North America to bring you small-batch, all-natural selections that you just won’t find anywhere else. I know that plants can help elevate your body, mind, and mood and we want to share that with you.

Whether you’re interested in our lovingly curated monthly subscription box, or our farm-to-cup matcha and green teas from Uji, Japan, or our adaptogen wellbeing blends, you’ve come to the right place for health and wellness.

Shop Organic Japanese Green Tea

A collection of our direct-source, authentic and organic Japanese green teas. Choose from our two pure matcha green teas from Uji, Japan, our hojicha roasted green tea powder and loose leaf tea, sencha and genmaicha (green tea with roasted rice).

Join Our Monthly Tea Subscription Box

Build yourself a wellness routine for every month, hassle-free. Subscribe to delicious and flavourful loose leaf teas delivered to your door every month.

Shop All Wellbeing Blends

Organic herbal teas, functional tea lattes and turmeric blends.

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First time trying this matcha from Amoda. It arrived quickly and intact ...

T. Powers

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I work night shifts and couldn't do easily without your sleep tea. It really "works" for me ...

Robyn Henderson

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My new favourite way to start my day! I love how drinking this tea makes me feel ...

sunomi rose

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