Matcha French Toast [vegan & gluten free]

I've been making this vegan french toast for close to 15 years. I've made it dozens and dozens of times and never thought to add matcha. It wasn't until I... Read more →

Power of Plants Issue #6: Plant Protein Basics

How do you get your protein?  After 18 years as a vegetarian I am quite used to getting this question. It’s a well meaning one, especially from a person genuinely... Read more →

POP Issue #5: Battle of the Algaes - Spirulina vs. Chlorella

We get a lot of questions around spirulina and chlorella from people comparing our Matcha Fuel and Matcha Recovery superfood powders. Fuel contains spirulina and Recovery contains chlorella. Is one... Read more →

Matcha Semifreddo Recipe [vegan option too]

I always want to experiment with ice cream flavours, but can’t bring myself to dishing out for an ice cream maker. Who has room for another appliance anyway. We finally... Read more →

The Power of Plants Issue #4: Easing Into a Plant-based Diet

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” - Michael Pollan Along with Matcha everything, the plant-based movement has seen a major growth in popularity over the past couple of years.... Read more →

March Box Sneak Peek: Get Excited for Spring

Coming out of a long winter, you need some TLC. The March Box features nourishing teas that will get you in the mood to be outdoors again.  With an Amoda... Read more →

The Power of Plants Issue #3: All About Matcha

13 years ago I studied the Japanese tea ceremony. I learned about Japanese culture, spoke Japanese phrases and practiced an amazing choreographed art in a deliberately simple tea room. It... Read more →

Our Top 10 Teas Right Now

We noticed you like to hear about the teas that are most popular. So, we'll be rounding up our teas every month. This month we're going by best-selling. Here's the top... Read more →

The Power of Plants Issue #2: Anti-Aging Essentials

Have you plucked out a grey hair or said to yourself that you don’t understand Millennials? Telltale signs of aging! Really, if you’re an adult, you’ve starting aging and it... Read more →

The Power of Plants Issue 1: The Tea Plant

Do you ever find that your appreciation for something or someone increases after learning more about their past, their history, their unique characteristics, their strengths, their weaknesses? That’s our goal... Read more →

Our plant-based secret to energized and effective workouts, everytime.

We're about 3 weeks into the new year already! How are you doing with your resolutions? We've found that this is about the time that people start to struggle with... Read more →

Matcha Superfood Energy Bites

These bites are raw, gluten free, vegan, plant-based and boosted with matcha.  Although we created Matcha Fuel to be a pre-workout, it's actually really versatile. We started experimenting with power foods... Read more →

Drink this, do that: Our ideas for a warm day in.

Staying indoors? Us too. It's cold outside! But we get restless and a little bored inside. Here's what we do and what we drink when it's too cold to go outside. ... Read more →

Bonus info for our January Monthly teas

image: Terroir Tea Merchant Let's dig into the latest teas added to our curated online store. These are two artisan teas from our January monthly box. Now available in our... Read more →

The top 10 teas of 2016 we hope you didn't miss!

Think you've tried all of our teas? You might be surprised! #1 - 5: The most highly rated by you, our customers: 1.       Heavenly Cream   "This... Read more →

Christmas morning with Matcha

Our Favourite Matcha Pancakes Recipe - Gluten and dairy free  Ingredients ½ cup almond milk 
(have 1/4 cup of extra almond milk available if mix is to dry) 1½ - 2 mashed... Read more →

My Recommended Teas for the Winter and Why

I want to start by quickly telling you why we created these wellness blends. Learning about the power of herbs to boost and maintain health has opened up a whole... Read more →


Matcha lemonade is probably the easiest and most tasty summer drink you can make. It's also easy to make for one person or for 10. We choose to muddle with... Read more →

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