Tropical Matcha Recipes
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Tropical Matcha Recipes

Mar 8, 2024 · matcha · matcha tin · recipes


While working remotely in Costa Rica, I took the opportunity to mix our Amoda Matcha with as many tropical ingredients as I could! Here are three super easy matcha drink recipes to start incorporating into your repertoire when you want to sip on something refreshing!  

fresh coconut water matcha

This drink is fun and simple, hydrating and refreshing! After some exercise, nothing beats a cold coconut water. The natural sweetness of the coconut water is the perfect subtle partner for matcha.

    1. Grab a fresh coconut and chill it in the fridge.
    2. When you're ready for it, crack open the top, if needed. Keep it in the coconut or pour it over ice in a glass.
    3. Grab our Ceremonial Matcha or Ritual Matcha and whisk 1/2 - 1 tsp and sift!
    4. Add a little hot water. Try to keep it to an ounce of hot water or less so the coconut water doesn't warm up too much. Whisk the matcha and pour it into the coconut water.


It's that easy!

limon mandarina matcha

Another easy one to add the perfect flavour flair to your matcha. Enjoy this one hot or iced!

In Costa Rica, they have the most amazing variety of limes - limon mandarina. It's actually a hybrid mandarin orange and lemon, but it looks like a lime on the outside. It's sweeter than the typical lemon or lime, but still pretty sour! It's a perfect substitute for lemons when making a matcha drink.

All you need to do is make a hot or iced matcha tea.

  1. Whisk your Ceremonial Matcha or Ritual Matcha with a little hot water.
  2. Pour into a mug and add more hot water or pour over ice.
  3. Squeeze your desired amount of limon mandarina into your drink and float a slice on the top.

Don't have limon mandarinas where you are? Use lemon instead! You can sweeten the hot matcha before you pour it over ice, if you like.

matcha watermelon slush

Lastly, another super easy and refreshing recipe. All you need is matcha and watermelon!

    1. Chop up a watermelon into chunks and freeze
    2. When ready to make the Matcha Slush, add the frozen watermelon to a blender with a splash of water. Blend on high. You may need to add more water as you go, or push the watermelon chunks down in the blender.
    3. Pour the watermelon slush into glasses.
    4. Sift and whisk 1 tsp of Japanese Matcha for each glass of watermelon slush. Use a very small amount of hot water to whisk the matcha.
    5. Pour the matcha over the watermelon slush, stir and enjoy!


Want to add a little something extra? Muddle some fresh mint in the bottom of your glass before adding the watermelon slush and matcha.


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