[SPOILERS] Sneak Peek: The December Monthly Box

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New Tea Reveal

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The Amoda Holiday Gift Guide

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How to prevent tea from going bitter

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What are adaptogens and why are they in my matcha?

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Nourishing Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe

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Autumn’s here with teas to cozy up with

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What is healthier: green tea or black tea?

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Pumpkin Spice lattes, loaves & granola

This Fall, a healthy twist on a delicious standby! Feel good about your pumpkin spice addiction.  It’s October. As we strap ourselves into windbreakers, and witness the colours of leaves shift... Read more →

The Differences between Chinese and Japanese Green Tea

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How to Blend Tea Part 2: Matcha!

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How to Make Your Own Tea Blends

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What is Rooibos?

At cafes and tea shops around the world, something new and unique has arrived on the menu. Rooibos has recently surged in popularity and is one of the most popular... Read more →

Making Iced Tea From Loose Leaf

If you haven’t jumped on the homemade iced tea train yet, now’s the time! Having a favourite iced tea method in your back pocket will pay off all year long.... Read more →

Raspberry Matcha Bliss Chocolate Sauce

This Raspberry Matcha Bliss Chocolate Sauce is the best addition to pancake Sunday! Raspberries, cacao, maca, reishi and matcha - energy and adaptogens in a delicious chocolate sauce. Layer this into... Read more →

Matcha Walnut Date Bliss Balls for Energy & Mood

These Matcha Walnut Date Bliss Balls are exactly what we needed to add some bite-sized energy to our day. A healthy, nutrient-dense snack that tastes so decadent! We started with walnuts for... Read more →

Make Your Own Aphrodisiac Herbal Infusion

Making your own aphrodisiac herbal infusion is fun and super easy. Even with its simplicity, I find it's incredibly empowering to make a healing infusion with your own hands. You... Read more →