Cleansing herbs for better skin and more energy
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Cleansing herbs for better skin and more energy

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Cleansing herbs for better skin and more energy


If you’re feeling sluggish, experiencing skin issues or digestive disturbances, you may want to think about doing a gentle cleanse using liver supporting herbs. Spring is the perfect time to talk about cleansing herbs as the plant world gives us a fresh arsenal to start spring cleansing and our bodies could use a little nudge to get things moving after a long winter. 


Spring is a time for renewal and growth - It is a welcome shift from the contraction and inward nature of winter. Winter is a time to hibernate and re-nourish the body, particularly the digestive system. Spring forces our bodies to shift out of a dormant state into an active state stimulating the liver. Not-so-coincidentally, we’re seeing liver cleansing herbs spring up everywhere this time of year.


You do not need to limit liver cleansing to just the Springtime. It's great to do the maintenance all year round and incorporate detox herbs or herbal teas for your skin and liver anytime. 


Why do a cleanse and the connection to your liver

Are you someone that notices a dip in energy, digestive changes, hormonal skin breakouts, and changes in your mood or sleep patterns during the Spring months? You’re not alone! These are some of the side effects of a liver in distress. As we transition to Spring, our livers are stimulated as energy begins to rise. However, if you have a liver imbalance, you may see the symptoms we just mentioned start to flare up. The liver is the main organ of detoxification and according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, if the liver is stagnant, Qi is not flowing smoothly.


How does liver stagnation happen?

Liver and qi stagnation is common in today’s fast-paced world. Poor diet, not eating enough vegetables, chronic stress, lack of exercise and/or sitting all day, toxins from the environment and products we use and not processing your anger and emotions can all contribute to liver stagnation.


What can you do?

To ease stress on the liver, making mindful small changes to our eating habits and omitting some our vices (such as multiple cups of coffee or a lot of sugar) will decrease the negative symptoms during this seasonal shift or anytime you’re feeling stagnant. Taking care of your liver does not need to happen only in Spring! A simple change to make in your eating is adding more green leafy vegetables and sprouts with lemon in a sauce or dressing. Apples and apple sauce are also a great addition to your day to support the liver.


Support from herbs that help your body's cleansing process and detox naturally can go a long way in today's world where we're bombarded by environmental toxins in our day-to-day. Specific herbs can support your body’s elimination pathways.

nourish tea for liver cleansing


5 herbs for cleansing

If you want to read more about matcha for spring cleansing, head here. Otherwise, here’s some more plants and herbs to consider for cleansing:  


    stinging nettle


    Nettle is a very nutritive plant, offering a ton of nourishment for the body. It helps remove metabolic waste from our bodies, helping to restore energy. Because of nettle’s tonifying action on organs, it can help clear skin, help you get better sleep and improve digestion. You can make a tea of just nettle or you can blend it with some of the other herbs below.


    red clover

    Red Clover Blossoms

    Red Clover is traditionally used as blood cleanser. It works to enhance the liver’s detoxification functions and its key functions in Traditional Chinese Medicine are to clear heat, remove toxins and balance the body. This can help with chronic skin conditions and inflammation throughout the body. 


    dandelion root

    Dandelion Root

    Dandelion root is a well known detoxifying herb for supporting the digestive system, stimulating the liver and assisting with inflammatory conditions such as eczema, acne and arthritis. Dandelion is a great herb to help you detox naturally. 


    Often a driving force for considering a cleanse is to help with poor digestion and tackle bloating. We like to recommend chamomile in a cleansing herbal blend to help with digestive issues caused by anxiety and stress and to relax the muscles in the digestive tract. 

    Marshmallow Root

    Marshmallow is a mucilage, meaning it forms a thicker, gel-like texture when steeped in water, as in a herbal tea. The mucilage is not broken down by the digestive system, so it can absorb and pull toxins and act ease constipation. In general, marshmallow root is soothing to the digestive system.

    Licorice Root

    Licorice root is a great companion to marshmallow root for digestive problems. In Chinese medicine, licorice is used commonly in formulas in small amounts to clear heat and dispel toxins, strengthen the stomach and spleen qi. Licorice is also an adaptogen, although it does work differently than most adaptogens. Licorice increases cortisol levels for those who have underactive adrenals.


    Although not a specific liver cleansing herb, eleuthero can play a big part of any transitional period or cleanse when you feel a dip in energy. Fatigue is one of the signs that your body is toxic. Eleuthero was traditionally used to increase energy levels and endurance, which makes it a great herb if you're doing a cleanse and you're a physically active person. It gives you a good kick, so it's also perfect for anyone who's giving up their coffee habit while they cleanse. This herb can also stimulate the immune system and help your body manage stress.


    These are some of our favourite herbs for cleansing. You can pick up the individual herbs at a local shop or order online, blend up your own tea and sip it daily for 2-6 weeks. Make sure to steep your tea covered for 15 minutes with just about boiling water. 


    If you want to skip the guesswork, you can try our Nourish Tea - a gentle cleansing tea and restorative tonic to help you feel more energetic, achieve clear glowing skin, improve digestion and strengthen overall health.


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    Caffeine and Coffee

    Thinking about reducing your coffee consumption to help support your liver? Removing coffee can be difficult! Most habitual coffee drinkers need that energy boost and many rely on the effects of coffee for regular bowel movements. Replacing the morning routine with matcha will allow for a steady state of energy, versus the coffee jitters.


    Need a little extra motivation and support to reduce your coffee intake? Check out our Caffeine Challenge, a guided journey to help you ease into reducing your caffeine dependency and increasing your energy levels.



    Why Matcha?

    Matcha consists of the entire leaf allowing for it to contain high levels of chlorophyll (green). It is an excellent detoxifier, which cleanses the blood (assists the liver to do so) and decreases acidity in the blood and tissues. Acidic environments are where cancer thrives, which is why everyone is so interested in things that alkalize the system.


    Matcha promotes thermogenesis in the body (how fast our body burns calories), which stimulates and promotes healthy weight management in our system. 


    If you're looking for energy from adaptogens to help support you through fatigue, try our Matcha Energy blend.



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