January Tea Reveal

We went with "Fresh" as the theme for January. A new year is the perfect time to get a fresh start. Here's the lowdown on why these teas made it... Read more →

Tea for Bloating

With so many fatty meals, carbonated drinks and high-sodium foods, gas and bloating is something more and more people must deal with. Bloating occurs for a number of reasons, but... Read more →

Puerh Tea Basics

Choco Shou is a flavoured pu-erh tea. But, what is Pu-erh? Isn't it spelled Puerh? Pu-er? Puer? Pu'er? Pu'erh? Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. Dare we call Pu-erh tea... Read more →

My 'Be Well' Tea & Why I Never Get Sick

I very rarely get sick. I eat really healthy, but I have my fair share of stress, I don't get much rest or sleep. My point being, I think it's... Read more →

March Tea Box: Enhance Your Experience

There's so much we can tell you about these teas that will enhance your tea discovery. Let's start with some essentials of two of the teas that may be less... Read more →

March Tea Reveal

The four teas in the March Tasting Set are perfect for transitioning from Winter to Spring. Two new tea blenders have been added this month, Den's Tea and Treasure Green... Read more →

Bourbon + Cider Tea Cocktail Recipe

Bourbon and tea. Sounds like a nice way to to warm up the season, right? This is our bourbon and apple cider-sweetened winter cocktail recipe. Even if you're not typically... Read more →

February Tea Reveal

From the Keemun we move from tea to tea linking each one by a single flavour component. Keemun's smokiness to the smokiness of Hazelnut Pear's base tea, gunpowder green. Then... Read more →

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