Rooibos Tea Sparkler
T Tegan Woo

Rooibos Tea Sparkler

Jul 22, 2021 · recipes · Rooibos

Looking for a refreshing caffeine-free drink? Try a tea sparkler! Super simple and you steep the tea just like normal to make it. Full recipe below.

rooibos tea sparkler recipe


2 teaspoons Beach Vibes rooibos/tulsi (or any rooibos)
1/2 cup water, freshly boiled
1 teaspoon sweetener of choice
1/3 cup sparkling water


1. Steep Beach Vibes rooibos/tulsi blend in hot water for 6 minutes.
2. Remove/strain tea leaves. Dissolve sweetener of choice.
3. Pour the steeped tea over glass filled with ice.
4. Top with sparkling water.

Want to try cold brewing a tea sparkler? Here's how.

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