Coconut Matcha Whip Cream for all your Festivi-teas

Matcha makes everything look festive. That's why you've got to put this matcha whip on top of all your holiday desserts! This recipe is made with coconut milk because matcha and... Read more →

A Tea to Help you Achieve Daily Balance

Our last post featuring the Anti-inflammatory Chai brought up a lot of questions about adaptogens and what exactly they are and how they work. The release of our August tea... Read more →

Adaptogens in your tea? NIUKA can help with that.

We all know that tea is inherently healthy, full of antioxidants, minerals and enzymes.  In our Monthly Tea Box, we like to highlight the health benefits of different teas and... Read more →

Turn on Your Mind: Plant Powered Iced Lattes

ACTIVATE YOUR MIND We've found herbs that are perfect for times when you've exhausted your brain power or energy - after a cold, a big trip, exam period or client... Read more →

Golden Turmeric Ice Cream

The other day I saw a dairy-free turmeric ice cream in a small shop and I was so excited. I love turmeric. I waited patiently to get home and as... Read more →

No Bake Golden Turmeric Bliss Balls

Why didn’t we think of this sooner? Bliss balls are the best mid-morning or afternoon snack and we make them all the time with our matcha. So, why not our... Read more →

Power of Plants Issue #8: Dandelion Root

My mom would say dandelions are a major nuisance. She’s a gardener. She watches kids in the schoolyard kick the white fluff that catches the wind and reseeds so successful in her... Read more →

Summer Sips Recipes: Sea Breeze

One of our featured teas for the May subscription box was Sea Breeze, a herbal blend from Aromatica Fine Teas. We fell in love with this tea. It's a sweet citrus... Read more →

Our Best Tips for Eating & Drinking on a Cleanse

Our last Power of Plants Series talked about detoxifying herbs that will help you restore your body from a sluggish, toxic state. You can read that here. In this post,... Read more →

Meet the Maker: Beach House Tea Co.

We're excited to be introducing a new tea company to our roster of amazing small-batch tea blenders!  Beach House Tea Company is the latest company to be featured in our... Read more →

Our Top Ten Teas Right Now

The second instalment of the Top Ten Teas in our online store. Heavenly Cream has bumped our very own Golden Turmeric Ginger to second place!  If you're just getting into tea... Read more →

Power of Plants Issue #7: Spring Cleansing

We’re exploring the power of plants to help us naturally detoxify from the inside out. Spring is the perfect time to talk about this as the plant world gives us... Read more →

A Tea Lovers Guide to Mother's Day

Tea has always been a popular gift around Mother's Day. Tea is such a heart-warming gift and something that can be given on its own, paired with homemade baked goodies or... Read more →

Matcha French Toast [vegan & gluten free]

I've been making this vegan french toast for close to 15 years. I've made it dozens and dozens of times and never thought to add matcha. It wasn't until I... Read more →

Power of Plants Issue #6: Plant Protein Basics

How do you get your protein?  After 18 years as a vegetarian I am quite used to getting this question. It’s a well meaning one, especially from a person genuinely... Read more →

POP Issue #5: Battle of the Algaes - Spirulina vs. Chlorella

We get a lot of questions around spirulina and chlorella from people comparing our Matcha Fuel and Matcha Recovery superfood powders. Fuel contains spirulina and Recovery contains chlorella. Is one... Read more →

Matcha Semifreddo Recipe [vegan option too]

I always want to experiment with ice cream flavours, but can’t bring myself to dishing out for an ice cream maker. Who has room for another appliance anyway. We finally... Read more →

The Power of Plants Issue #4: Easing Into a Plant-based Diet

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” - Michael Pollan Along with Matcha everything, the plant-based movement has seen a major growth in popularity over the past couple of years.... Read more →