How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea
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How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

Oct 13, 2022

All tea comes from the same plant, but not all teas are the same! How is it possible that a single plant can produce so many different types of tea? The differences is how each tea is harvested and processed, giving each tea its unique look, aroma, and flavour profile.

Steeping tea for too long, or with the incorrect water temperature can yield to a bitter tasting cup. Freshly boiled water may be great for a cup of black tea, but the high temperature can burn the delicate leaves of your favourite green tea. If you're serious about your tea and want to learn how to steep the perfect cup every time, then be sure to follow our steeping guide!

Tea steeping guide: how to brew the perfect cup of tea

Tea Steeping Guide

Don't forget to cover your tea while steeping to maintain the correct water temperature!

Black: 100C (212F) for 3-5 min

Puerh: 100C (212F) for 2-5 min

Oolong: 85-93C (185-200F) for 3-5 min

Green: 75-80C (167-176F)  for 1-3 min

White: 70-85C (158-185F) for 2-4 min

Yellow: 75-80C (167-176F) for 3 min

*Herbal: 100C (212F) for 5+ min

*Did you know? Although herbs like lavender and chamomile are commonly prepared and enjoyed as teas, they are technically not true "teas" since they don't come from the tea plant!

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