New Year, New Bundles
T Tegan Woo

New Year, New Bundles

Jan 12, 2019 · matcha

Just in time for the new year, Amoda has exciting new bundles!

It’s the beginning of 2019, and it’s a special time. Right now is the time to realize new hopes, new dreams and new aspirations. For this reason, we at Amoda carefully curated fantastic new bundles to bravely equip you for the year up ahead. 

What are they?

matcha latte & smoothie set

Latte and Smoothie Bundle

We've made one of our most popular mini-sets into a full-size bundle! Whether you’re hard at work or hard at leisure, it’s always good to add a healthy dose of organic tea and herbs to support what you’re doing. Each blend is designed to be added seamlessly to nut milk for a warm creamy and frothy mix, or blended into your fave smoothie for a cool, refreshing shot of clean energy. Incredibly easy to use, your body will be nourished and your mind elevated. The bundle includes:

  • Matcha Activate
  • Matcha Bliss
  • Classic Matcha
  • Golden Turmeric Ginger


sleep set

Sleep Bundle

Everyone deserves a restful sleep, but sometimes it’s hard to achieve. Each blend in this bundle is designed to help you drift into a gentle, deep sleep so you wake up refreshed. A good sleep pays dividends for your overall health, and this is just the bundle to settle into sweet dreams. This bundle includes:

  • Matcha Bliss
  • Golden Turmeric
  • Sleep Tea


mushroom matcha set

Mushrooms & Matcha

In terms of health and wellness, mushrooms historically haven’t got a lot of press. This is why we’re banging the drum, spreading the word on this incredible superfood. Functional mushrooms like chaga, reishi and cordyceps, contain antioxidants and can support your stress response and immune system. Just what happens when you add them to premium matcha? A delicious, nourishing and healing combination that makes for magical elixirs. Each blend in this bundle contains our organic matcha, sourced from Uji, Japan -- a place renowned for their quality. This bundle includes:

  • Matcha Bliss
  • Matcha Spirit
  • Matcha Fuel


Never settle for mediocrity. Each blend is hand-selected to elevate your mind, body, and mood.

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S Sharon Dickson
Feb 4, 2020

Wonderful products.