Mushroom Matcha Bundle

By: Amoda Tea

Mushrooms & Matcha

Functional mushrooms and matcha are a pairing we love. The calm focused energy you experience when you drink matcha works as a base for different functional mushrooms, which act as adaptogens to support your stress response, contain antioxidants, support immunity and reduce inflammation. 

In this bundle you'll receive all three of our elixir blends that combine our matcha with bio-available micronized whole mushrooms. Never settle for latte blends with mediocre matcha! We use our vibrant green, high quality organic matcha from Uji, Japan, in all of our elixir blends. 

Matcha Bliss

An uplifting blend of cacao, reishi, maca and matcha for mood-boosting and adaptogenic support. This blissful blend contains 1000mg of reishi mushroom. Reishi supports the immune system, healthy sleep cycles and how your body copes with stress. Matcha Bliss provides a balanced and focused energy to help you live everyday to its fullest. Delicious mixed into nut milk lattes, smoothies or wellness elixirs.

All Organic Ingredients: raw cacao powder, gelatinized maca powder, micronized reishi, matcha, cinnamon, himalayan pink salt.

Matcha Spirit

Your daily defense against the pressures of life on the mind and body. Feel invigorated, focused and balanced. With the powerful adaptogens schizandra berry, chaga mushroom and reishi mushroom, you'll be boosting your immune system, protecting your mind and body from the nasty effects of stress and feeling nourished every day. Matcha Spirit is a turmeric blend with a matcha energy boost. It is lightly savoury, spicy with a refreshing tangy finish.

All Organic Ingredients: turmeric powder, matcha, schizandra berry powder, micronized chaga, micronized reishi, black pepper.

Matcha Fuel

Power up for your next workout, or give yourself that extra boost anytime! Matcha Fuel is an adaptogenic blend of organic matcha, superfood powders and cordyceps mushrooms that work together to increase energy, endurance and focus. Cordyceps mushrooms increase blood flow, endurance and stamina during athletic activities. Purely plant-based, you'll power through your workout without any jitters or a crash. Try it shaken vigorously with water, juice or coconut water 15-20 minutes prior to exercise.

All certified organic ingredients: maca powder, spirulina powder, cordyceps powder, matcha powder, pine pollen powder and siberian ginseng powder. 

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