Did you get your April tea box? Want to learn more about the teas? Here's some info that we think will be interesting to read while you steep your first... Read more →

Four new teas! Added from our March Subscription Box

SPRING FORWARD! The four teas in the March Tasting Set are perfect for transitioning from Winter to Spring. Two new tea blenders have been added this month, Den's Tea and Treasure... Read more →

March tea box: Enhancing your tea experience.

EXPLORING MARCH'S FEATURED TEAS  This post reveals the teas from March's subscription box! If you're a March tea box subscriber and you haven't received your box yet, don't scroll down!... Read more →

Your tea concierge

A tea blogger friend of ours, Jen Picotti, recently shared her thoughts on exploring new teas. She said, "Try different things and then enjoy what you like."* Sounds pretty simple,... Read more →

New teas added from February's subscription box!

FEBRUARY FLAVOURS This month's subscription box was built around a tea we had our hearts set on featuring - Keemun. This is a tribute to Chinese New Year; an acknowledgement of... Read more →

January Tasting Box Tea Reveal

YOUR FRESH START TASTING BOX We went with "Fresh" as the theme for January. A new year is the perfect time to get a fresh start. Here's the lowdown on... Read more →

Amoda Valentine's Collection

NEW PRODUCTS FROM AMODA TEA  Let's imagine for a moment Valentine's day as the day of love and romance. Now think of tea, the perfect match for such a day.... Read more →

Teas revealed: December's Tasting Box

WINTER TASTING BOX December was Amoda's reintroduction into the world of subscription boxes. It was easy to choose a theme since most of us are experiencing the onset of Winter. Of course,... Read more →

Our Holiday Tea Tasting Experience

The tea curation team at Amoda believes that each person's experience of tea is pretty interesting and unique. We really want to share ours with you. What's the best way to share... Read more →

Holiday Gift Guide Part 3: Gifts For The One Who Has It All

Everyone has a friend or two like this. What can you get them that they don't already have? How about the most unique teas from our curated collection of small-batch... Read more →

Holiday Gift Guide Part 2: Gifts for Yoga Lovers

They love yoga, that much is clear. So, what can you get that fits their zen lifestyle? Tea, of course. Let us point you in the right direction. 1. Organic... Read more →

Holiday Gift Guide Part 1: Gifts for Mom

Mom's can be tough to shop for! You know she drinks tea though, so let us help you out! Here's our top suggestions for mom's who love tea. 1. Sock it... Read more →

Meet the Tea Blender Series

Oollo Tea Ethically-sourcing special teas from micro-farms in Taiwan Taiwanese tea is close to the hearts of Amoda's founders. We both went to school in Southern Taiwan and in between... Read more →

Welcome to the JOURNAL

Welcome to the JOURNAL! This is where we share our tea experiences. It really is meant to be a place where we can share moments from our lives, which so... Read more →