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Four new teas! Added from our March Subscription Box

Mar 25, 2015


The four teas in the March Tasting Set are perfect for transitioning from Winter to Spring. Two new tea blenders have been added this month, Den's Tea and Treasure Green Tea - one specializing in premium Japanese teas and the other in premium Chinese teas. (We'll introduce these two new companies in our next post.)
We've curated a flavoured Sencha that is easily one of the best flavoured teas we've tasted. We're very excited to be sharing this find with you! All four of these teas are fantastic and smell absolutely amazing. 

  • Organic Golden Tips is a Chinese black tea from Zhenjiang province, where the famous LongJing green tea is grown. This tea includes unopened buds that appear golden in the blend and add a delicate sweetness. It is the region's version of Yunnan, so if you can't be drinking Yunnan everyday, but love "tippy" teas, this is for you! 
  • Jasmine Mist is scented with 5x it's weight in Jasmine blossoms. Jasmine flowers are picked unopened early in the day and stored. During the night the blossoms open and the scent is fully released. The blossoms are layered between the green tea and that's how high quality Jasmine tea is made. This one is incredibly fragrant without being overwhelming. The perfect Jasmine for drinking everyday.
  • Ginger Twist is a perfect after dinner herbal tea that's sweet, spicy and comforting. Ginger is a wonder herb and when mixed with lemongrass and licorice root, you get a flavour-packed tea that's soothing on the mind and body. 
  • Pineapple Sencha has a cult following. We're certain it's loved by every person who tastes it. Even people who don't like green tea, love this blend! It tastes just like a juicy pineapple and the Sencha green tea is so fresh with the classic grassy notes. For 2 alternate steeping methods, see this post.

You can now purchase these teas individually or you can buy the March Tasting Set and sample all four!


** These teas were incredibly popular at our local events, please pre-order any sizes that aren't available quite yet. We expect fresh shipment by April 1st, so only a few more days.


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