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Amoda Valentine's Collection

Jan 21, 2015


Let's imagine for a moment Valentine's day as the day of love and romance. Now think of tea, the perfect match for such a day. Love is a lot like tea - it can be simple and pure or layered and complex. Love is experienced by each person in a little bit different way - just like tea. And it's not only comforting, it can be a lot of fun. 

For Valentine's day, we're introducing a new black tea that has all the elements of true love. Persian Rose is a full sensory experience. It is a beautiful, fragrant and delicious. This is a luxurious blend that combines bergamot (the much loved flavour in Earl Grey) with aromatic rose, the spice, herb and citrus notes of cardamom and the health benefits of borage. The roses in this bled are organic. This blend is inspired by Persian culture where rose water and cardamom are traditional and widely used ingredients. 

And with this introduction, we couldn't help but create a new Tasting Box. Not only is this box filled with the romance of tea and valentine's day, it's also our first Featured Blender Box. Meaning, these teas are all from Tay Tea! For all you Canadians, this should be exciting news since we are the only place to get Tay Tea's in Canada. 

Buy the Romance of Tea (Tay Tea) Tasting Box >>

4 great tasting, all natural teas in 3-cup sample sizes. Packaged up with tasting notes, steeping instructions and biodegradable tea filters. 

Shop our entire Valentine's Tea Collection >> 

What do you think of tea as a Valentine's gift? Ladies, would you like to receive tea on Valentine's day?

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A Amoda
Jan 25, 2015

Definitely love trying teas while travelling in that area of the world. It’s such a cultural experience too.

D Denise
Jan 22, 2015

This sounds like a fantastic tea. I first tried rose tea when traveling through Istanbul and fell in love with the subtle flavour.