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January Tasting Box Tea Reveal

Jan 25, 2015


We went with "Fresh" as the theme for January. A new year is the perfect time to get a fresh start. Here's the lowdown on why these teas made it into our Fresh Start tasting box. 

    • Tropical Green Tea is the classic example of a fresh tasting tea. The green tea gives you a the fresh vegetal flavour that's blended with refreshing mango, passion fruit and grapefruit!
    • French Lemon Creme is so full of flavour, it makes it the best tea to get the new year off to a happy and enjoyable start. 
    • Hawaiian Ginger Jasmine is an unexpected combination, but it works incredibly well. The addition of ginger transitions Jasmine to a winter tea. The light and delicate Jasmine is a fresh flavour and the ginger makes this exciting. 
    • Rara Willow is a white tea. White teas are the closest to drinking fresh tea leaves as you can get because they are minimally processed. This means more antioxidants and a delicate, fresh flavour. 

Curious about these teas, but missed out on the monthly box? You can buy it in our online shop while supplies last. With our monthly box, you get sample sizes of each of these teas. 

We make it really easy for you to buy the full sizes of teas you sample and love. You don't have to go to each individual company, you can get them all from us! Check them out here.

We also created a visual story of January's teas. It explores a little deeper our experience of the teas and allows you to meet the tea blender. We've also included a playlist we're sipping these tea to. We got a little jazzy this month! Listen to it on 8 Tracks here (no login required).

What do you think of January's tea selections? Which tea would you most like to try? Let us know in the comments below. 


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