How Matcha Helps With Weight Loss and Cholesterol Levels

Matcha has a wealth of amazing properties, so it's hard to see why anyone wouldn't want to drink it. I recently read a study that matcha green tea produces a significant increase in energy expenditure (a measure of metabolism) in individuals and has a significant effect on fat oxidation. In fact, they found that consuming matcha green tea can increase thermogenisis, which is the body’s own rate of burning calories, from a normal 8-10 percent of daily expenditure to between 35 and 43 percent! And, it can improve physical endurance by 24 percent!!!

Let's add to the already huge list of benefits of drinking matcha. It has been found to have a positive effect on cholesterol. Studies have shown that people who drink matcha tea on a regular basis have low LDL (bad) cholesterol, while at the same time having higher levels of HDL (good) cholesterol. Men who drink matcha tea are 11 percent less likely to develop heart disease than those who don’t drink matcha. Matcha is also rich in fiber and vitamins C, A, E, K and B-complex, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium.

I'm exhausted from listing all those benefits! I've gone into a lot of detail in my 6 post health benefits of matcha series. If you weren't convinced already, I hope you are now! Leave a comment on any of the posts if you have questions.  

~ Terry

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Rodney Neil putman

June 16, 2018

Am Drinking matcha green tea with mint in it I begin drinking it before bedtime because it helps sleep better I feel I have more energy I feel smarter and more alive this is truely a GOD sent I love this matcha green tea with mint what is about this matcha green tea with mint that make better then green tea

Rodney Neil putman

June 16, 2018

I would like to try match green tea I never Drink it I have always ben told of health benefits and healing powers

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