Drink this, do that: Our ideas for a warm day in.
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Drink this, do that: Our ideas for a warm day in.

Jan 15, 2017 · health-wellness · recipes

Staying indoors? Us too. It's cold outside! But we get restless and a little bored inside. Here's what we do and what we drink when it's too cold to go outside. 

1.  Set the scene:

Tidy up, diffuse an uplifting essential oil, put the kettle on. Ease into the day with a herbal tea and a good read. 

herbal tea, book and diffuser

 Our choice herbal tea: HIGH DESERT SUNRISE

A full-bodied herbal blend of honeybush and rooibos. Deep flavours of stewed fruit, honeyed & woodsy honeybush, sweet rooibos, sweet lemongrass, tart hibiscus and tangy orange.


Any activity is made better when you've got tea. Reading, watching your current Netflix fave, knitting, colouring... all best with tea. So, here's another tea for that perfect day indoors... a tea you may have missed on our website. 

 A hidden gem: AUSTRIAN ORANGE

A luxurious creamy tea blend. Nutty and smooth black tea base with sweet orange and vanilla essence.  This is one very satisfying dessert tea!


Being indoors doesn't mean being sedentary. Movement is essential to allay restlessness. Luckily, we have friends who can help!  Namaste Yoga has a collection of beautiful and inspiring yoga videos for all levels. Filmed outdoors, these will also help fulfil that yearning to be warm & outdoors! Download or stream videos with a few clicks and get on the mat.

namaste yoga challenge


It starts Jan. 15th, but join in anytime. We're doing it and we challenge you to 28 days of Yoga... starting today! 

Here's what we get to do: For 28 days, we receive a daily e-mail from Namaste with a link to that day's 30-minute Namaste Yoga class, photos and tips with modifications for key poses, and some words of inspiration to encourage us on our health journey. 

Wanna join us? Use our exclusive code, NAMASTEAMODA, when checking out. Get started today!


Is it just us or does being indoors come with major snack and sweet cravings? We have a few sweet snacks that won't ruin your new years resolutions, so we thought we'd share our go-to, Raw Matcha Macaroons. These are super easy to make and don't require baking. We were on a serious coconut kick when we made this recipe.

matcha macaroons

3.  Get some hidden nutrients

We're not going to ruin the fun and ask you to eat some kale. Instead, we're recommending you sneak in some nutrients with a superfood hot chocolate. Our Mocha Matcha is an organic blend of matcha, cacao, maca, coconut sugar and vanilla powder. I know this is about staying indoors, but we do suggest going for a little walk with this mocha. It will keep you warm from the inside!

mocha matcha superfood hot chocolate

Here's how to make it: 

Heat some non-dairy milk (we use almond milk). In a mug, add 1-2 tablespoon of Mocha Matcha and an ounce or two of water. Whisk with an electric frother to get the clumps out. Froth your milk with that same electric frother and top up your mug with the milk. 

Don't have our handy electric frother? Use less water and make a paste with the powder to get the clumps out. Or, put the powder, milk and water altogether and use an emulsion blender. 

Don't have our Mocha Matcha yet? Make your own superfood hot chocolate by using a base of 1 tbsp cacao powder. Add other powdered ingredients like maca, turmeric or chaga mushroom. Add in some cinnamon and sweetener.

 What are your favourite indoor activities? Tell us in the comments below! 


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