Chlorophyll, the Healer and Detoxifier
T Terry Woo

Chlorophyll, the Healer and Detoxifier

Nov 12, 2015 · health-wellness · matcha

Another important element found in matcha is chlorophyll and its increased presence is due to the 2-4 weeks shading period of the tea plants just prior to harvesting for matcha. Chlorophyll is a healer and a cleanser. It helps our bodies maintain optimal health, supports our immune system and builds more red blood cells. Since chlorophyll promotes red blood cell growth, it improves the efficiency of transporting oxygen to the cells. More oxygen means better circulation, your organs function better and your muscles repair faster. Another important role chlorophyll plays is in detoxification. Chlorophyll absorbs heavy metals like mercury and lead, chemical toxins, radiation and odours and eliminates them from your body. It’s also highly alkaline and known to help balance pH levels in our blood. Interestingly, it even supports teeth gum health and has a unique ability to quell body odour and bad breath!

~ Terry

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