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Dec 15, 2019 · bliss · recipes

If you're looking for a reason to drink hot chocolate several times a week, we've got your excuse right here. These two recipes will leave you feeling like you've indulged. And you have. In a way that also supports mood, energy and stress :) You'll feel blissful with every sip. Sugar-free, vegan-friendly and delicious.

Adaptogens. Let's start here. What are they? Adaptogens are herbs and mushrooms that help your body cope with external stressors, toning your body and keeping it balanced (normalizing your adrenal response) when under stress. They improve your body’s adaptability and they do what your particular body needs them to do. 

Want adaptogens in your hot chocolate? It's as easy as adding two teaspoons of Matcha Bliss to hot milk. One serving of Matcha Bliss has 1000mg of reishi mushroom and 1000mg of maca root, both adaptogens great for mood and stress support. Plus, it has mood-boosting cacao and energizing matcha. It's our best seller for a reason! Keep scrolling for a couple healthy hot chocolate ideas.


8 oz oat milk
1 tsp Matcha Bliss
1 square dark chocolate
1 chunk cacao butter
pinch of salt, pinch of cayenne, pinch of cinnamon
sweetener (optional)

Get your hands on some cacao butter! Try the baking section of your grocery store. It's used in making chocolate and it's game changer in this recipes. 


Heat your oat milk and add all the ingredients to a heat safe blender. Blend on high for 30 seconds. Easy on the cayenne! You can always add more if it's not spicy enough. Start with a real small pinch.


mint hot chocolate



2 tsp Matcha Bliss
1-2 tsp mint tea or 1-2 teabags
3 oz hot water
7 oz of hot oat milk
1 tsp maple syrup or sweetener or choice


If using a mint tea bag, steep the tea in 3 oz of boiling water for 5 minutes. Discard the tea bag and pour the tea into a blender with the Matcha Bliss, hot oat milk and sweetener. If you don't have a heatproof blender like a Vitamix, make sure to let the tea cool down a bit before blending. 

Alternatively, you can add the Matcha Bliss to a mug, add a small amount of the mint tea and whisk it up to get out the clumps. Top your mug up with the rest of the tea and hot oat milk. Sweeten.


Want some Matcha Bliss in your life? 

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