About Amoda Organic Matcha Products

It all starts with the very best, beautifully green and flavourful matcha tea we can find. You can sip our pure matcha teas or you can dive into the world of superfoods and get curious about our plant-based blends, which are hand-crafted around the power of matcha.

What is Matcha?

Matcha is a nutrient powerhouse. Our matcha is 100% pure green tea in powder form. Instead of steeping the leaves, you are consuming the whole leaf with all its flavour and health.

Health Benefits

Clean Organic Energy

Get a steady, jitter-free energy boost.

Healthy Weight Loss

Increase your body's calorie burning rate.

Mental Focus

Get focused and maintain a calm, low stress vibe.

High in Antioxidants

Find your defense against aging & disease.


Cleanse your body & keep skin healthy.

Why Choose Amoda Matcha?

The highest quality matcha is harvested once a year. Both our Ceremonial and Classic grades are from this “first harvest”. Our matcha is ground several times a year, so it’s always fresh when it arrives to you. Our Ceremonial Matcha comes from Uji, Japan, one of the top two matcha- producing areas in the world. It’s naturally sweet, no bitterness here! Our Classic grade is high enough quality to drink as a tea, but has a price point that let’s you experiment with your favourite recipes.