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Nov 2, 2014 · tea · teablenders

Oollo Tea

Ethically-sourcing special teas from micro-farms in Taiwan

Taiwanese tea is close to the hearts of Amoda's founders. We both went to school in Southern Taiwan and in between classes, we experienced how beautiful the country and people are. We sipped tea every single day there. From high mountain tea to Taiwanese bubble tea, we tried everything. When we curated our first teas for Amoda, there was no question that Taiwanese oolongs would be in the mix. 

It was at the Vancouver Tea Festival in 2013 that Jenny Lo, founder of Oollo Tea, visited our booth with samples in hand to introduce us to her new company and her amazing teas. She even got us hooked on Taiwanese black tea. 

The tea they bring to us is micro-farmed by farmers Jenny has met through her own tea travels in Taiwan and through relationships she inherited from generations of relationship building. 

Sustainability for Taiwanese tea farmers is important to Jenny. So are the traditions of Taiwanese tea. These values will always be at the core of Oollo Tea and why she envisions a future where tea farmers are appreciated like fine winemakers. Today, Jenny is infusing traditional taiwanese oolong with the lifestyle of the modern tea drinker. She's experimenting with some fantastic cold-brew teas (her cold brewed osmanthus green tea is SO refreshing). 

We're feature three of our personal favourite Oollo teas in our online craft tea shop. Honey-scented black tea, Red Jade black tea and Qingjin oolong. Try all three in a special box set available only for the month of November. 

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