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Welcome to the JOURNAL! This is where we share our tea experiences. It really is meant to be a place where we can share moments from our lives, which so happen to be inspired and enhanced by tea. Our entries will be sometimes fun, sometimes serious, sometimes factual, but all very human! Our intention is to simply share what we’re doing with tea and what we’re discovering about tea. You can expect tea stories, tea discoveries, experiments with tea in the kitchen and tips and tricks we’ve learned by experience. Our entries will evolve just as lives tend to do. 

amoda means JOY, PEACE, SERENITY. 

... and aroma too! Could there be a more perfect word for tea? How can a word mean all four of four things? It’s all in the language. English, you have a lot to learn. Amoda is from the beautiful Sanskrit language, the ancient and sacred language of Hinduism.


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