Natural ways to protect yourself from a nasty cold
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Natural ways to protect yourself from a nasty cold

Oct 2, 2016 · coldflu · health-wellness

The seasons have changed, the weather is cooler, the schoolyard germs are making their way back home, University's back in session and business owners are run off their feet preparing for the holiday shopping season. One of those has got to affect you! So, you’ve got to step up your immunity game if you want to keep the sniffles away, for yourself and your family.

We see cold and flu care in two ways, prevention and duration.


You’ve got too much going on, many important deadlines or fun events coming up to get hit by the flu bug. Here’s a few things you can do to increase your chances of staying healthy.

> Wash your hands
The most effective way to prevent catching a cold or the flu is also probably the most simple - washing your hands regularly and thoroughly. Yes, even adults need to be reminded of this! Follow the 20-second rule and lather the front, back and between your fingers. Be mindful about how how much you’re touching your face between washing. Viruses often enter through your eyes, nose and mouth.

> Exercise Regularly
Exercising increases heart rate, improves blood circulation and regulates your blood flow. When you exercise, your white blood cells are better circulated (those are the immune system cells), allowing your body to find illness faster. Incorporate at least 30 minutes of cardio exercises such as walking, running, swimming, cycling to your day. [1]

> Add Immune-boosting foods to your diet
Good nutrition boosts our immune system. Eating certain foods during the cold and flu season can help provide a foundation that will keep you healthy. Incorporate fish high in omega-3 to reduce inflammation that prevents your immune system from working properly. Add foods high in zinc, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, add probiotic yoghurt or kefir to your diet to help your body ward off nasty infection. [2]

> Drink Green Tea
You’re probably already doing this one! Tea leaves produce organic compounds that are thought to assist in a plant's defense against to invading insects, bacteria and virus. Those organic compounds, called catechins, are beneficial for you too for their antiviral properties. [3]


Are you feeling the first signs of a cold? Before you reach for the tylenol, try out these natural and plant-based tips to help kill the cold early or reduce the duration if it’s already got you.

> Sleep More.
You've got two choices: get extra rest now or push through on little sleep and risk being down and out in 2 days. Keep in mind that it’s not just the length of your sleep, but the quality of it. During deep sleep, many immune functions are increased. So, work on sleep quality by eliminating light in the bedroom, turning electronics off an hour before bed, and adding healing herbs such as lavender and chamomile to your nightly routine. You can get these herbs fresh and make into tea, or you could try our Sleep Tea.

> Eat a clean, healthy diet, and a lighter one too.
Let your body focus on healing rather than digestion. We know mac and cheese is what you’re sick self is craving, but it’s only going to provide emotional relief in the moment! Save it til you’re healthy again and see if you even still want it.

> Drink Plenty of fluids like warm water, tea, soup or a simple broth.
Plenty of fluids, especially warm ones, can help ward off a cold or the flu. Drink herbal teas, warm water and have a hot shower to accelerate healing.

> Eat raw garlic.
Yum. Seriously though, raw garlic is a potent antiviral and antibacterial agent. You can take it in a capsule, but chewing it raw is the best way. If you just can’t handle it, you could try mixing it with honey, or chopping it up into a cup of soup. The rawer the better though!

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