Make Your Own Aphrodisiac Herbal Infusion
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Make Your Own Aphrodisiac Herbal Infusion

Feb 4, 2020 · aphrodisiac · health-wellness

Aphrodisiacs herbs support desire and pleasure. A hot or iced tea is a perfect way to incorporate herbal aphrodisiacs. With a tea, you'll be stimulated not only by the herbal actions, but by the scent and taste of the tea. In this post, we talk about five different herbs and give you you simple step-by-step instructions for making your own aphrodisiac herbal tea.

Making your own aphrodisiac herbal infusion is fun and super easy. Even with its simplicity, making a healing and arousing infusion with your own hands is incredibly empowering.

Some aphrodisiac herbs support desire and pleasure directly, others play supporting roles targeting different areas of your body that play a part in your sexual wellbeing. For example, increasing circulation and blood flow, reducing the effects of stress and helping you relax in the moment.

You really don't need much of each herb to get started. 25g will do to test out flavours and see what you like. Steep each herb on its own first, so you know the strength of flavour and what flavours it is contributing to your blend.

There's a number of aphrodisiac herbs that have been used in many cultures - ancient and modern. We've selected a few herbs for you to consider that are supportive for both men and women. 

Damiana is known as an ancient aphrodisiac, believed to increase desire and open the heart. Damiana is also said to increase nerve sensitivity. It’s also an excellent nerve tonic, strengthening the nervous system and the hormonal system (think dopamine and serotonin). Your nervous system plays an important role in mood, which no one can deny has a major effect on arousal. Damiana has mood-elevating effects - calming nerves, relieving anxiety and depression.  

Sarsaparilla is traditionally used in Chinese Medicine to increase the libido of men and women and regulate hormone production. 

rose aphrodisiac tea hibiscus aphrodisiac herbal tea

Heart opening rose and hibiscus are perfect additions to our aphrodisiac blend. With your heart open, you feel loved and able to love, you feel open and energized. 

ginger aphrodisiac herbal tea

Last, but not least, ginger. Circulation and good blood flow is important for your sexual health and for your enjoyment!  Dried ginger is warming and can stimulate circulation and blood flow. Cinnamon bark has a similar affect. 

Here’s a recipe to get you started, but feel free to play around with the proportions or include other aphrodisiac herbs you know.


aphrodisiac love teas


4 parts damiana 
2 parts sarsaparilla 
2 parts rose petals 
2 parts hibiscus 
1 part ginger 

Mix all herbs together. Steep 2 tsp per cup of freshly boiled water. Allow to steep for 15 minutes, covered.

If you have more time: Use the stovetop method and keep the sarsaparilla separate. Bring your water to boil, add the sarsaparilla and simmer for 15 minutes. Add the rest of your herbs, remove from the heat and steep covered for 15 more minutes. Since sarsaparilla is a root, it is hardier and therefore needs simmering water to extract more benefits. 

Try making this iced by either steeping with double the amount of herbs and pouring over ice or making it as per the instructions above and letting the tea cool in the fridge. 

Idea: steep your tea concentrated and use as a mixer for a cocktail.

Not sure how to find herbs? Google bulk herbs + your city to find local shops or call around to nearby health stores to see if they offer bulk herbs. Then you can buy just a small amount to start out. Once you're ready to take the next step, buy online where you'll get herbs that have been stored better and will arrive in a sealed bag. There's some great online shops that you can order organic herbs in both Canada and the US. A quick google search will reveal them!


Adaptogens, Stress and the Love Link

It doesn’t stop there! A blog post about aphrodisiacs isn't complete without talking about Matcha Bliss. Our stressful lives can have a negative effect on desire, energy levels and openness. Incorporate adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms into your daily routine to help balance the effects of stress. Try making lifestyle changes that decrease the biggest stressors in your life.

Lowering the effects of stress in your life is essential to sexual health! Prolonged stress increases cortisol production and when this happens for extended periods of time, it can lower your libido.

matcha bliss
If you’re facing daily stressors that are affecting your mood and emotional wellbeing, try incorporating adaptogens into your day to balance the effects of stress. We use adaptogens maca root and reishi mushroom in Matcha Bliss. 

Think of Matcha Bliss as your healthy hot chocolate - a delicious blend of cacao, maca, reishi, matcha, cinnamon and pink salt. Maca is said to balance hormones, support libido, improve energy levels and help manage stress, bringing your body back into balance and fortifying the endocrine system. Reishi can help calm your mind, nourish your spirit and help you adapt better to emotional stress.

As adaptogens, maca and reishi have an accumulative effect if taken over time. Perhaps an overused metaphor, but taking adaptogens is like visiting the gym where you have mood and energy gains immediately, but you also see positive gains with consistence workouts over time.

Managing your stress will help you feel more present, open and engaged. 

Amoda’s Love Potion meets Matcha Bliss 

You can enjoy Matcha Bliss on its own as a latte or smoothie, or you can try making the recipe below.

Heat 1/3 cup of water, 2/3 cup of nut milk and either damiana herb or the damiana blend (recipe above) together on the stove. Take off the heat before it boils and let the infusion steep for 5-10 minutes. Strain off the leaves and blend with 2 tsp of Matcha Bliss, 2 tsp of cacao butter and 1 tsp of maple syrup in a high speed blender.

Add an extra tablespoon or more of raw cacao powder to make a blissful hot chocolate.

You can leave out the hibiscus if you're worried about curdling your milk. If you use a nut milk, it will separate your milk (i'm sure you've seen this happen before), but once you blend it in the blender, it will be fine. Simply leave out the hibiscus if you prefer that to not happen.

Have you tried blending your own aphrodisiac teas? What herbs did you use? Let us know in the comments below!


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