How stress is making you tired everyday
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How stress is making you tired everyday

Mar 11, 2020 · adaptogens · health-wellness

Why am I always so tired? Reason number two is stress! Stress affects our energy in many different ways - contributing to fatigue, making it hard to fall asleep and reducing sleep quality.

We’re an overstimulated society, battling with stress and relying on stimulants to get through the day. How do you get out of the loop that forces you into another cup of coffee and leads to poorer and poorer sleep quality? We've got answers! This series tells you about 5 reasons why you’re feeling so tired all the time and ways to fix it. 

The first reason was a big one - caffeine! In the last post, we talk about how caffeine is making you tired all the time, learn about alternatives to coffee, and how to do a caffeine cleanse that won't make you miserable!

Back to stress.

Our IG video is a good intro to the topic of stress and this blog post dives in deeper. 




When it comes to sleep, stress can...

  • Send your thoughts racing, make you restless and cause you anxiety - all making it very challenging to shut off and fall asleep at night. 
  • Stress can also decrease the amount of slow wave sleep time - this is the restorative part of your sleep and super important! (e.g. for memory formation)
  • Stress can also disrupt your circadian rhythm, which can lead to sleepiness during the day.

It’s really important that we make stress reduction in our day-to-day a top priority to reduce chronic stress and get our sleep back! 


Adaptogens for a healthy stress response

A great way to help support your body during daily stress is to add adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms to your diet. Adaptogens work at a cellular level to tone your body and balance your adrenal response. 

A great way to incorporate adaptogens is by adding them to your drinks. Adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms don’t always taste great or have a nice texture. Adaptogens come in different shapes and sizes - some are more stimulating, some are relaxing.

We have several different adaptogenic latte blends, so you don’t have to worry about making your drinks taste good, choosing the right ratio of herbs and mushrooms or choosing synergistic combinations. 


Amoda adaptogen blends:

Matcha Energy: An energizing matcha latte blend with the adaptogens siberian ginseng and maca. Best if you're looking for something a bit more stimulating than matcha on its own. Great if you're cutting back on coffee! 

Cacao & Reishi: A healthy hot chocolate that includes the adaptogens maca root and reishi mushroom. Best for immune support, a mood boost, chill energy and all day bliss.

Chai Latte Blend: A delicious coconut milk chai with the energizing adaptogen rhodiola, lions mane mushroom and herbs for focus and enhanced mental performance. Caffeine-free!



Lifestyle changes to reduce stress

Making lifestyle changes is difficult when you don't have any energy! Adding adaptogens to your daily routine is a great first step. Adaptogens can help you manage the effects of stress and bring up your baseline energy level so you have enough gas in the tank and clarity of mind to make the decisions and changes you need to make and take the actions you need to take in order to align your life better with lowering stress. 

Here's some suggestions on tried and true lifestyle changes that will help you lower your stress and find a more calm and balanced wellbeing.

  • Get out into nature at least weekly, but the more often, the better.
  • Move your body and exercise daily. 
  • Write in a journal daily.
  • Meditate each morning.
  • Enjoy a nutritious, balanced diet.
  • Decrease your caffeine intake or even take a full caffeine break for 3-6 weeks. Caffeine stimulates those already over-stimulated stress response systems. 

Want to learn more about how caffeine is contributing to why you're so tired all the time? Watch our video here or read this blog post!

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