Bacopa: the memory and cognition booster
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Bacopa: the memory and cognition booster

Jul 8, 2020 · Adaptogen · health-wellness · Plantry

Bacopa monnieri, also known as brahmi, has a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine as a tonic for the brain to enhance cognition, memory and learning. Bacopa is an amazing herb and one we use often to give our minds an extra boost. 

Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest systems of healing. Similar to botanical medicine, Ayurveda focuses on prevention and maintaining balance in mind, body,  lifestyle, diet, etc. 

Bacopa as a Nootropic and Nervine

Bacopa is both a nootropic herb and a nervine. Nootropics are a category of herbs and supplements that work on the mind and enhance brain function. Nootropics have been getting a lot of attention recently. Researchers are interested in nootropics’ potential to help with cognitive decline as we age. Nootropics are complementary to adaptogens in enhancing emotional and mental well-being.

As a nervine, bacopa helps to support the nervous system and relieve anxiety and stress. Bacopa has been shown to give you a greater sense of calm and wellbeing. 

Bacopa for enhancing memory and cognition

Alone, bacopa has consistent and notable results on memory. As with adaptogens, you do want to take bacopa consistently for several weeks (4-6 has been suggested in some studies) to experience more notable results. Bacopa promotes cognitive function, learning and concentration.

Key benefits of bacopa:

  • Increases your ability to acquire and retain new information. Tests have shown bacopa to have significant effects on lowering the rate of forgetting newly acquired information [1]
  • Supports memory consolidation. This is the process where recent learned experiences in your short term memory are converted to long term memories. converting your short term memories into long term memories. [2]
  • Increases free memory recall 
  • Increases information processing and faster comprehension [3]
  • Positively affects mood.
  • Shows some adaptogenic effects, but is not considered an adaptogen. It has consistently shown to help relieve anxiety and stress, but with a more minor effect. 
  • Reduces cortisol levels.


How to use bacopa

We use bacopa in Brainiac Chai, our coconut milk think drink. Brainiac Chai helps you get focused and energized without caffeine, while supporting memory and reducing the effects of stress and negative emotions. 

You can now also get bacopa a single herb in the Plantry! The Plantry, is our plant pantry - a place where you can stock your kitchen with adaptogenic staples. Our bacopa is organic, with no fillers or sweeteners. It is a 10:1 extract standardized to greater than 50% bacopasides, which is the active compound. You always want to have bacopa that has this level of standardization for optimal effects. 

Not sure how to incorporate bacopa extract powder into your day-to-day? Our favourite way is to add it to your morning latte, coffee or elixir.

Tips for using bacopa:

  • you only need to use 1/8th of a teaspoon
  • try adding to your coffee, lattes and elixirs
  • works well with stronger flavours like cacao, chai spices and coffee.
  • pairs well with coconut butter, coconut oil or mct oil - fat enhances absorption
  • pairs will with adaptogens, especially ashwagandha

Try this turmeric latte recipe with bacopa and coconut butter to relax.
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