Achieve your goals with tea
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Achieve your goals with tea

Jan 1, 2019 · health-wellness · matcha tin

Happy New Year! Out with the old, and in with the new! As is often the case with New Year’s, that means new beginnings.

So what is your new beginning? For many of us, a new beginning might mean a new habit, a habit that betters our lives, helps us become better human beings -- something we resolve to do because even a little bit of improvement goes a long way.

Of course, we’re talking about New Year’s resolutions. And seeing how we obviously love tea, we want you to know five ways tea can help you build new habits and achieve your goals.

#5 Be social

We’ve all been there. Sometimes it’s tough to make new friends, but as it happens, tea is an excellent ice breaker to get the conversation going. All it takes is the simple question, “May I share some tea with you?” You’d be surprised how many people accept such an invitation and, what’s more, open up about their lives.

For this resolution, we recommend Honeybush Cider because it’s caffeine free, smooth, and delicious -- the perfect social tea.

#4 Be energetic

There is a reason many workplaces offer free tea. Tea contains caffeine, and as most of us know, a side effect of caffeine is greater alertness. Of course, tea isn’t the only beverage that contains caffeine, but it is a beverage that contains moderate enough doses that makes you less likely to suffer the negative side effects of jitters and anxiety. In our opinion, tea has just enough caffeine to keep you energized.

For this resolution, we recommend Matcha Fuel because it increases energy, endurance, and focus.

#3 Be Calm

Unlike most other beverages, tea contains theanine. This natural amino acid reduces mental and physical stress, boosts mood, and improves cognition. In fact, a Japanese medical study shows that theanine reduces anxiety, and therefore has calming effects. If your resolution is to be calm and composed, tea can help you.

For this resolution, we recommend Sleep tea because it soothes the mind and reduces anxiety.

#2 Be active

Want to work out harder and longer? Not only does tea keep you hydrated, it’s high in catechins which reduce muscle damage. Less muscle damage means less aches and pains, which allows for better recovery times. Catechins also help you shed more fat during exercise, which increases your athletic performance. Finally, tea contains few calories, which means a better benefit in your workouts than sugary drinks.

For this resolution, we recommend Activate Matcha Blend because it activates your metabolism while gently cleansing and nourishing from the inside.

#1 Be Healthy

Being social, energetic, calm, and active often results in better health -- no doubt. But good health starts with good sleep. A deep, restful sleep for 7-9 hours may be as important to health and well-being as nutrition and exercise.

Here’s yet another healthy effect of tea: if you drink it every day, you’re more likely to live longer. That’s because tea contains antioxidants,
compounds that inhibit free radicals which have been shown to cause cancer. As the Spectator also notes, the more tea you drink, the less likelihood you will die from heart disease, stroke and respiratory diseases. Want to add years to your life? Tea may help.

For this resolution, we recommend Sleep tea to get better quality sleep and Organic Ceremonial Matcha because its leaves are grown for maximum nutrients.

With the help of tea, you can form better habits which will help you easily achieve your New Year’s resolutions.

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