How to customize your teas for the monthly box

How does the monthly system work?

Your next order date is automatically set to one month after your previous box. So if your last box was processed on September 2nd, your next order date will be October 2nd. You can log in anytime to see when your next order date is. You must login and choose your teas before your next order date. Once your order date comes up, your order is processed and sent to our production team and if you haven't selected, we choose the teas for you :)

Want your next box earlier? You can log in anytime before your next order date and choose new teas. By clicking the Order Now button, you will reserve your selections and send your order to us to ship out. So, say it's September 19th and you've almost run out of tea, but your next order date isn't until Oct. 2nd. You can log in and choose four new teas on Sept. 19th, click Order Now and we'll ship your order out within a few days.

It's best if you set a calendar reminder on your phone to choose your teas each month so you don't forget! We do send a reminder email 5 days before your next order, but it can be filtered out as "promo", "newsletter" or spam, so make sure to set as a priority sender. 

How do I choose my new teas?

  • Log in at the top right of our website. It's easier to choose your teas on desktop. 
  • Click on the Monthly box or edit button



  • The box builder will pop up. Your teas from last month automatically load in the box builder. 'X' them out if you want to choose 4 new ones. If you are on mobile, you’ll need to take an extra step and scroll through the teas to deselect each one individually.
  • Scroll through and choose your teas and click Save on the bottom right.  



  • Check that your new selections are showing. If not, try refreshing your screen.  
  • Click Order Now to confirm and send us your order. 

Don't forget to click the Order Now button!