Octavia Tea

Premium Quality. Natural & Organic. Socially & Environmentally Conscious. Fresh. Affordable.

Location: Batavia, IL

Established: 2002

Founder: Elizabeth Stephano

Started as a hobby after travelling the world for 2 years, Elizabeth simply wanted to share the amazing tea experiences she had overseas with her community back in Illinois. She quite literally has tasted the teas of the world and infuses her own personality and passion into every blend. With a genuine passion for the tea craft, a dedication to premium quality and a mission to "delight every palate", it's not hard to love what her team is doing. They blend up the fun & flavoured, source premium single-origin teas and are organic/fair trade all the while educating on everything tea. We have truly enjoyed every tea from Octavia and we think you will too!

Amoda's Curated Selection from Octavia

Cucumber Kiwi White - Cucumber and Kiwi are perfect pairings for a delicate white tea. Get your antioxidants here!

Tropical Green - The grapefruit in this blend takes it to a whole new level. Everyone we've sample this with has loved it.

Tangerine Ginger - Tangerines are the cousin of the mandarin orange. Mix it up with ginger and you've got a winner. A unique cross between a green and an oolong.

Caramel Toffee Oolong - Exactly how it sounds, except better. A creamy delicious treat and the unique roasted flavour of a dark oolong.

Berry Mocha Truffle - Chocolate covered fruit. You'll love it.

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