The top 10 teas of 2016 we hope you didn't miss!
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The top 10 teas of 2016 we hope you didn't miss!

Jan 2, 2017 · tea101

Think you've tried all of our teas? You might be surprised!

#1 - 5: The most highly rated by you, our customers:

1.       Heavenly Cream


"This tea is extremely smooth and very delicious. About to place my order for 2 of your largest bags you have." ~ Michael    


2.       Tropical Green




This fruity green tea is our second best seller of 2016 (next to #1 on this list!). It's hard to find flavoured green teas that still taste natural. This is it!


3.       Chocolate Covered Strawberries


This one is my all time fave tea, chocolate covered strawberries. a.k.a the most genius tea." ~Jocelynne


4.       Classic Matcha


 "Best Matcha! Won't drink anything else." ~ Brandon  'nuff said, right?


5.         Pick Me Up

"This is my go too afternoon tea! It is light and creamy, giving me a great kick to get through the rest of the day!" ~ Amanda 


#6 - 8: The most-loved at our events & tastings

6.  Remedy

Don't know if this is the season, but we cannot keep this in stock! The Etsy show proved this is a tea that people love, not just for it's function, but for the taste too.


7. Persian Palace


Another one we've had since day 1 of Amoda, Persian Palace has been an event favourite for those looking for something a bit different from chai. We often sample this as a tea latte.



8. Berry Maple Waffles

We've sold out of this twice sampling it at two different events. We think it's because of the name, the flavour and the yum factor.


#9 - 10: Team Favourites

9. Golden Turmeric


Tegan's current fave! (and also a best seller) Go to tonic: blending this up with orange, lemon, coconut oil, maple syrup and hot water.



10. Gyokuro Kuji Hojicha 


Terry's favourite from our trip to Japan. He steeps a pot full almost everyday. Virtually caffeine-free, he can drink this anytime.


Honourable mention: Matcha Fuel


Technically, this isn't a tea... it's a blend of matcha and superfood powders. It's loved by everyone for the clean energy and crazy focus it gives for workouts and sports. We all use this several times a week.



And then there's Happy Pumpkin. It didn't get a fair shot at making it on this list. We sold out of this really quick after it was featured in the October box and we didn't blend more. We've had multiple requests for it, so we're bring it back! Once this batch is gone, you'll have to wait patiently until the Fall. Click here to order Happy Pumpkin.

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