Our Top Ten Teas Right Now
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Our Top Ten Teas Right Now

May 14, 2017

The second instalment of the Top Ten Teas in our online store. Heavenly Cream has bumped our very own Golden Turmeric Ginger to second place!  If you're just getting into tea or matcha, this is the place to find the best bets and crowd pleasers. Check out our top ten teas right now:


Heavenly Cream

heavenly cream tea

Our most popular tea in our Curated Collection. To-die-for vanilla cream earl grey. Careful, this tea is so addictive!

I hate to say how good it is in case everyone decides to buy it and there is no more left for me! Probably the best tea I've had in my life." - Mary


Golden Turmeric Ginger

Our top seller at every single market we do tastings at! A power anti-inflammatory tea packed with antioxidants to help with aches, pains, sore muscles and to protect against many chronic illnesses caused by inflammation.

What they say: "Grounding, Spicy, Warming - perfect on a cold day as a latte..." - Megan


Royal Irish

royal irish black tea

A founder favourite, this is a strong and flavourful black tea blended with vanilla, soothing malva petals and delicate jasmine blossoms.

Another favorite! You can smell the vanilla as soon as you open the package. Definitely recommend this one!" - Jacinda


Organic Ceremonial Matcha

ceremonial matcha organic

Our top grade organic matcha from Uji, Japan. Rich, creamy with full-bodied flavour and a sweet finish.

What they say: "Totally worth it! Pleasantly surprised. Smooth, balanced, whisks well to froth, no grittiness" - Jacqueline


Organic Classic Matcha

organic classic matcha for lattes
The ultimate matcha for your lattes, smoothies and baking (matcha cookies!). Shade-grown and made from young leaves harvested in early Spring.

What they say: "Great flavor, its very smooth." - Anne
"Loved it!" - Jaymyn


French Lemon Creme

french lemon creme rooibos
Luscious lemon and creamy vanilla sweetness with a green rooibos base. Makes a great iced tea too!

"Gorgeous tea...bursting with fresh notes of lemon!" - Nancy



Coconut Chamomile

coconut chamomile tea
A beautiful herbal tea with large pieces of fruit you almost want to eat! Floral flavours of chamomile, delightful fruit, hints of coconut and a perfectly sweet finish.

"Love it! I've tasted a few chamomile teas and have to say that this one is my favorite. Everything from the smell to the taste is great. Nice juicy taste." - Jacinda


Madagascar Dream

madagascar dream black tea
An all-natural hot chocolate inspired tea with refreshing hints of mint. Blended with organic fair-trade cacao shells. Makes a mean tea latte!

"Chocolate lover's delight! A new fave."- Jaime


An Evening With Eros

an evening with eros rooibos
An amazing creamy dreamy rooibos tea. Floral start to the sip, juicy chocolate covered fruit in the middle and a cinnamon finish. The rooibos adds a sweet, honeyed, woodsy flavour.

"Beautiful tea! Beautiful notes of flavour, love its caffeine free.....a must have!" - Nancy


Wildwood Cedar

wildwood cedar herbal tea
A very unique herbal tea that incorporates elements of the Pacific Northwest. It’s a sweet woodsy blend with a rich and complex flavour.

"Love the flavour and the healing herbs in this tea." - Refresh Market attendee

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