Our Top 10 Teas Right Now
T Tegan Woo

Our Top 10 Teas Right Now

Feb 21, 2017

We noticed you like to hear about the teas that are most popular. So, we'll be rounding up our teas every month. This month we're going by best-selling. Here's the top 10:


Golden Turmeric Ginger

Packed with antioxidants to help lift your mood and your immunity.
What they say: "Grounding, Spicy, Warming - perfect on a cold day as a latte..." - Megan



Organic Ceremonial Matcha

Rich, creamy with full-bodied flavour and a sweet finish.
What they say: "Totally worth it! Pleasantly surprised. Smooth, balanced, whisks well to froth, no grittiness" - Jacqueline


Heavenly Cream

To-die-for vanilla cream earl grey. Careful, this tea is so addictive!

What they say: Some of the best tea I have had!"
- Mark

heavenly cream tea


Organic Classic Matcha

The ultimate matcha for your lattes and smoothies. Shade-grown and made from young leaves harvested in early Spring

What they say: Best Matcha! Won't drink anything else. - Brandon


Remedy Cold & Flu Tea

A delicious herbal blend that warms the body, promotes circulation and kills viruses and germs.

What they say: "This is the tea that made me fall in love your brand and teas" - Liz


Sleep Tea

Promotes relaxation and a deep and restful sleep. Soothes the mind, relaxes and harmonizes and reduces anxiety.

What they say: "This tea instantly soothed and relaxed me, the perfect cup of tea to unwind with at the end of a long day."

sleep tea


Madagascar Dream

An all-natural hot chocolate inspired tea with refreshing hints of mint.

What they say: "Chocolate lover's delight! A new fave."- Jaime


Restore Cleansing Tea

A floral and sweet herbal blend that stimulates the liver and reduces inflammation throughout the body, supporting weight loss.

What they say: "A perfect evening tea. Gently cleanses."


Cream of Avalon

This tea has all of our favourite things - vanilla, caramel, grapefruit and black tea.

What they say: "This is the best earl grey tea I've found so far, my boyfriend and I love it." - Rebecca

cream of avalon


Happy Pumpkin

Sweet and savoury ‘pie pumpkin’ pieces add true pumpkin flavour to our creamy coconut, vanilla and spice tea.

What they say: "Tastes like fall with real bits of pumpkin." - April


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