Meet the Maker: Tea Geek'ery
T Tegan Woo

Meet the Maker: Tea Geek'ery

May 27, 2016 · monthly box

We’ve found another amazing artisan tea blender who’s been so enthusiastic about sharing her organic teas with you in our monthly boxes. Lacey Bain is the owner of Tea
Geek’ery in Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. This is about as far away in Canada as you can get from us over here on the West Coast. Lacey lives the farm life with a big ole dog, fresh fruit and veg, endless tea and many beautiful sunsets.

Not only are her teas delicious, but you can feel good on all counts here - home-grown fruits and herbs, hand-crafted blends, fair trade tea, herbs & spices, all spray-free with no artificial sugars, colours, flavours, preservatives or other additives.

There couldn’t be a better fit for the Amoda Monthly Box than Tea Geek’ery. A young entrepreneur whose passion is contagious and values are perfectly aligned with ours. There were 2 reasons why we started the tea subscription box: To help tea lovers & tea newbies find teas they love + to support small tea companies and amplify their message all across North America. We like to keep featuring those small brands as they grow up and up. We’re doing so much more now, but will always be on the hunt for hidden gems like Pick Me Up and Red Paradise.

When you take your first sip of one of those two May box features, know that you’re about to enjoy a super fresh and all-natural tea with some fruit or herbs Lacey’s carefully and organically grown on her family farm.

What we love most is that the cup of tea you’re enjoying from the May tea box is from a batch of tea unique from any other.

We can’t wait to someday share a pot of tea with Lacey. In the meantime, we imagine meeting Lacey at her local Farmer’s Market would be a very fun and memorable experience. We’d leave with armfuls of tea Lacey’s enthusiastically promoted and blends we’d sampled that we just couldn’t say no to.

Have you tried the Pick Me Up yerba mate blend or the Red Paradise fruit tea?

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