Meet the Maker: Beach House Tea Co.
T Tegan Woo

Meet the Maker: Beach House Tea Co.

May 17, 2017

meet the maker of beach house teas

We're excited to be introducing a new tea company to our roster of amazing small-batch tea blenders!  Beach House Tea Company is the latest company to be featured in our Monthly Tea Box and we couldn't be more pleased to be sharing their teas with all of you!

When we asked Beach House Teas to share who they were, one of the pieces we received was a photograph of Crindalyn, the founder of Beach House Teas, and her son. In this picture, we saw genuine happiness and caring hands. After glancing at the picture, one can imagine the time and passion that goes into the teas that Beach House blends. Beach House is a small family business - we almost feel like we are part of their family when we sip their tea. There is something beautiful about drinking a cup of steeped goodness and knowing that it was made from generations of traditions and passed down wisdom about the ingredients and the flavours.

Plotted on the Long Beach Washington Peninsula, Beach House Teas embraces its Pacific Northwest roots. Teas are crafted and blended in small batches, and only made to deliver. No complaints from us - this means the freshest of the freshest. There are no synthetic ingredients, chemical preservatives or additives, or artificial flavors. Everything comes naturally, and they make sure to source ingredients as locally as possible. Beach House features seasonal ingredients, like what they brought to us in Peninsula High Tide. Mmm - we can still smell the fresh peaches lingering in our tea dreams. 🙂

peninsula high tide white tea

Here at Amoda we really want to help make a community of tea drinkers that are united by their love for healthy and happy living. Every family member contributing to the craft of tea making at Beach House also has the same vision - they want to bring likeminded individuals together through Northwest inspired blended teas.

We're excited to have Beach House Teas pursue this vision together with us too. I mean, who can resist a good old cup of Pacific Northwest blueberries or peaches bursting with natural sweetness?

If you're coming across this post and you're not yet a monthly subscriber, don't fret! Our  first of our Beach House Teas from the May Monthly Box will be up on the website on May 25th. 

Monthly subscribers, what did you think of the Beach House Teas in the May box? 

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