Matcha 2 Ways: Easy Matcha Latte Recipes
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Matcha 2 Ways: Easy Matcha Latte Recipes

Jun 6, 2019 · health-wellness · matcha · matchalatte · tea101

Think making a matcha latte at home is easier said than done? Think again! In just a few steps you can be enjoying better tasting lattes, customizing your latte to your personal preferences and saving money.

Check out our latest video on how to make hot and iced matcha lattes at home.

Tips for making the greatest matcha latte at home:

  • Use a matcha that’s bold in flavour, but super smooth. You want it to cut through the milk, but not taste bitter. There’s a lot of matcha on the market sold for lattes that are either really earthy or really bitter. Avoid, avoid, avoid!
  • By using a smooth matcha, you have no bitterness to cover up with sugar. So, you end up using less sugar/sweetener, or none at all.
  • Get yourself a whisk! Try a bamboo whisk or handheld frother.
  • Whisk your matcha with hot water before you add the milk. This will make sure there's no matcha clumps in your latte.
  • Heat your milk on the stove or in a milk frother.
  • Choose a milk that complements the flavour of the matcha rather than overwhelm it. Try soy milk or oat milk.
  • Try adding a dash of vanilla extract or cinnamon or get extra creative and use lavender honey or or mint extract.

Researching the right matcha can be a challenge when you can't see, smell or taste it first. It will help to get to know the brand and find out how they source their matcha. 

We have six different matcha and matcha blends for lattes, but we recommend you start with the Classic Grade Matcha! It's creamy and full-bodied with vegetal notes and mellow umami. The flavour is bold enough to stand up to milk and it's a super smooth sip. You can't detect any bitterness when you make a matcha latte with it. 

We source our matcha directly from organic farms in Uji, Japan. We travelled to Japan to meet the farmers and producers of our matcha and really get to know the people and culture behind our tea.

“Classic Grade Matcha and I’m super pleased! The matcha smells fresh, clean and grassy. It tastes great and is perfect for my smoothies and shakes. The packaging is great, it’s re-sealable and stands up. Fast shipping. Super happy and definitely will buy again!” - Brian

Whichever matcha you choose, just remember the tips we shared above and you'll soon be making matcha lattes not just at home, but at your work and on your travels too.

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