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Jun 14, 2015 · june · monthly box

Here's a cocktail idea that will get you thinking differently about oolong. The roasted note of this oolong infuses nicely into vodka. When mixed with tart berries and sweetened up, you get a perfect patio cocktail. You'll need about a half hour before you want to drink this because we infuse the tea right in the vodka and that takes 25 minutes to get a full flavour.

This cocktail uses a liquor that doesn't get enough attention! Creme de Cassis is a black currant liqueur. It's a great liqueur to have on hand for your summer cocktails because it's one of few really well balanced fruit liqueurs - lush fruit without the cloying sweetness. You may know Creme de Cassis from the champagne cocktail Kir Royale.

Let's get started. You'll first need to boil a bit of water just to rinse the oolong leaves and get the tight balls of tea leaves to open up.

  1. Rinse 7.5g (about 3 tsp) of Dark Roast Iron Buddha (or other darker oolong) with hot water. Make sure to drain the water completely.
  2. You can do this next step in the vessel you rinsed the leaves in, or you can transfer the leaves to a mason jar. Add 2oz of vodka to the leaves and let it steep for at least 25 minutes.
  3. Strain the leaves from the vodka and add Creme de Cassis. Start with just a touch and see how it tastes for you. If you don't have creme de cassis on hand, try using a raspberry, cranberry or blackcurrant compote. Make sure theres sugar in that compote!
  4. Add 1-2 drops of bitters.
  5. Add ice, put the lid on the mason jar, shake and serve!

Technically, this is a martini served on ice. So, you can make this in a proper martini shaker and serve in a martini glass if you like! And, of course, you can double or triple this recipe to make 2-3 cocktails.

What do you think about using Oolong tea in a cocktail? Have you tried it before?

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