February Tea Reveal
T Tegan Woo

February Tea Reveal

Jan 15, 2015 · february · monthly box

From the Keemun we move from tea to tea linking each one by a single flavour component. Keemun's smokiness to the smokiness of Hazelnut Pear's base tea, gunpowder green. Then the creaminess of Hazelnut Pear to the cream of the earl grey. And finally the light and sweet notes of lavender tie the earl grey to Serene.

  • Keemun is a lightly smoky, rich & bold, yet smooth with a subtle rose essence. 
  • Hazelnut Pear green tea is such a surprising delight! Even avid tea drinkers could get thrown off by the ingredient list. This is a must-try for every flavoured tea lover.
  • Lavender Cream Earl Grey black tea gets the approval of earl grey connoisseurs. We tested! If you love cream earl greys, this may become your new favourite. 
  • Serene is a herbal tea that lives up to its namesake. It's rest and retreat in a cup courtesy of an amazing ingredient list. 
You can shop these teas in 4 different ways: buy the tasting set or the individual teas above in 10g, 25g or full retail size.

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