Autumn’s here with teas to cozy up with
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Autumn’s here with teas to cozy up with

Oct 26, 2018 · Pumpkin · tea101

It’s the perfect time for a toasty fire and a good book. But as our monthly tea box subscribers know, Autumn is also the perfect time for tea.

That means crisp apples, creamy vanilla, spicy ginger, and -- oh yes -- robustly rich black tea that warms your insides. And there’s more! For the past October, our subscribers have tasted lavish pumpkin spice blends that are perfect for a creamy latte.

Now these blends are available on our website for everyone to enjoy!


From the Original Monthly Box

Halifax Fog

This Earl Grey variant is the perfect accompaniment for a crisp Autumn walk. Like most Earl Greys, this is a blend of Indian tea with bergamot, but unlike most, this is combined with sweet licorice root. Its scent promises a sweet earthiness. Upon first sip, the promise delivers. The first time you brew, we recommend tasting it as is, without milk or sugar. Even after long steep times, there’s no hint of bitterness. Halifax Fog has a savoury fruit aftertaste that lingers, as if it wants to build precious moments with you.


Spiced Pie

October is apple season, so we selected a tea that tastes like hot apple pie after a satisfying Thanksgiving dinner. Containing similar spices as masala chai (like cinnamon!), this tea’s pungent apple anchor is truly the star of the show. Nicely balanced between sweet and spicy, is excellent straight, with a splash of milk or as a latte.

Pumpkin Spice Matcha

Did you know that pumpkin powder and matcha make for a memorable latte? Tegan Woo, Amoda’s founder, devised this mix -- and it’s become one of our most popular seasonal blends. Made with all-organic ingredients, this mix is boosted with chaga mushroom for an incredibly smooth cup of immunity. If you want a little festive sweetening, we recommend adding maple syrup and vanilla!


Creamy, earthy, nutty: these are all apt descriptions for this rooibos selection. And let us add, it’s also naturally sweet. A great companion for a caffeine free evening, this rooibos blend is a mix of spicy ginger, almond, and vanilla. Once again, naturally sweet. It’s great as a final beverage before a gentle sleep.


From the Low Caff Box

Apple Cider Fixin

You can’t reach apple season without an apple tea. This blend is infused with Oregon-grown apples, delicious spice, and earthy rooibos. Enjoy with or without honey. Unlike powdered cider, this fixin doesn’t overwhelm you but its subtlety allows you to appreciate each dimension of this blend.

Southern Raspberry Rose

The blend contains an abundance of raspberry leaves. But that’s not all. This has a flowery flavour on account of the chamomile and rose. This is a calming drink with a little flavour zip before bed. This can be enjoyed hot or cool.

Golden Pumpkin Turmeric

The best caffeine-free pumpkin spice blend on the planet! There’s no sugar, fillers, or artificial flavours. Naturally, this mix echoes of chai with its warming spices. Along with the turmeric and pumpkin spice, we’ve added powdered coconut milk. While this shines as a purely delicious blend, Golden Pumpkin Turmeric also has immune boosting and anti-inflammatory effects. Enjoyable with water, it really shines as a latte. For added sweetness, combine with vanilla and maple syrup.

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