Summer Iced Tea Set

By: Various (Reviews)

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25g Red Paradise - The perfect balance of sweet, tart & tangy. Red Paradise is a punch-style blend with sweet blueberries and tropical mango mixed with beautiful lemongrass.

25g Brambleberry Rain - This tea makes it berry season all year round. A super smooth black tea bursting with the flavour of ripe blackberries and raspberries. 

25g Trailhead Huckleberry - Wild harvested huckleberries from Mt. Spokane in Washington state make this tea deliciously fruity. There’s a perfect tartness from the hibiscus, deep flavour from the rose hips and a herbaceous flavour from the blackberry leaf that you'll love.

25g High Desert Sunrise - A full-bodied herbal blend of honeybush and rooibos. Deep flavours of stewed fruit, honeyed & woodsy honeybush, sweet rooibos, sweet lemongrass, tart hibiscus and tangy orange. 

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