Pre-order Holiday Teas

By: Amoda Tea (Reviews)

*Photos are examples only and are not showcasing the actual teas in this bundle.

Do you love the flavours of the holidays? We are offering pre-orders of our exclusive holiday teas in 50g sizes. The flavours are top secret! Our Holiday Teas remain a secret until the December Monthly Box has shipped out. However, we wanted to make full sizes of the teas available for purchase now so that you can enjoy them over the holidays. These holiday bundles start shipping out on November 27th.

What's in the bundle:

4 holiday teas, 50g each (approx. 20 cups of tea per pouch)

Two Options:

  1. Original - mixed caffeine levels (2 black teas, 1 green tea, 1 herbal)
  2. Low Caffeine (1 green tea, 3 herbals/rooibos/honeybush)

Not sure about ordering teas without knowing what they are? Here's all the info we can spill now to help you decide if you're willing to take the risk. (Except there's really no risk because these teas are amazing!) 

  • Our most anticipated teas of the year
  • Fun holiday-inspired and a little wild
  • Unique festive flavours  
  • Super premium teas and ingredients
  • Exclusive to the Amoda Community 
  • Custom created for us by Anne Downen, owner of 52 Teas and self-proclaimed "mad tea artist"
  • Hand-crafted and small batch blended
  • Vegan
  • Nut-free
  • No artificial flavours

Here's a snippet from one of our conversations with Anne. You can get a sense of how special these teas will be.

"A Tippy Yunnan would offer a bready sort of taste that would work with the pastry flavors that I have that would create a pastry crust taste. If I'm also lucky enough to find a good Fujian black tea, I could create a blend with Yunnan & Fujian teas which would play well to the chocolate notes (which would be carried further with cacao nibs & shells) and add dried oranges...."

You'll love this too!