Mega Fall Bundle

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Latte season is here and it's time to get your cupboard stocked! We've selected our best, most delicious Fall blends and put them together in this mega bundle so you can save 25%! This bundle is a variety of flavours and caffeine levels so you have every time of day covered. You'll also have all your adaptogen and herb bases covered from ashwagandha to tremella. 

Pumpkin Spice Turmeric latte blend
Pumpkin Spice Matcha latte blend
London Fog oat milk earl grey latte
Cacao & Reishi adaptogenic hot chocolate
Chai Latte coconut milk blend
Hojicha roasted green tea powder for lattes

Save 25% when bundled together ($144 worth of product for only $108)

Pumpkin Spice Turmeric - 10 sachets
Sweet & spicy pumpkin spice latte with real pumpkin and coconut milk powder.  A nourishing blend of spicy turmeric, real pumpkin, pumpkin pie spices and coconut milk powder. No fillers or flavouring! Naturally sweet and spicy, this makes a delicious golden milk or turmeric latte! Simply mix one sachet with your fave milk. 

Pumpkin powder, turmeric powder (min. 5-6% curcumin), coconut milk powder (contains tapioca maltodextrin 2.5%), Ceylon cinnamon powder, ginger powder, nutmeg, cloves, allspice, black pepper powder.

Pumpkin Spice Matcha - 100g pouch
All the comfort and flavour of a pumpkin spice latte, without the sugar and funky flavouring. Our PSL is made with matcha green tea and tremella mushroom to support daily energy, immune health and overall skin wellness. Mix into milk for a creamy, sweet, and spicy latte that’s perfectly balanced with the flavours of matcha green tea and real pumpkin. A surprising blend that hits just right this time of year.

Ingredients: Pumpkin powder,* matcha*, tremella extract*, lucuma powder, Ceylon cinnamon powder*, ginger powder*, nutmeg powder*, cloves powder*, allspice powder*.  *organic

London Fog - 100g pouch
Our London Fog is a deliciously creamy, vanilla earl grey tea latte made with premium Indian black tea, coconut milk powder, sweet vanilla and bright bergamot.  This blend helps you find a sense of presence, feel grounded and get focused anytime, especially during times of stress.

Ingredients: Coconut milk powder (contains tapioca maltodextrin)*, black tea extract*, lion’s mane extract*, ashwagandha powder*, carob powder*, natural vanilla and bergamot flavour*. *organic

Cacao & Reishi - 85g pouch

Cacao & Reishi (formerly named Matcha Bliss) is an uplifting blend of cacao, reishi, maca and matcha for mood-boosting and adaptogenic support. Enjoy a calm, focused energy and balanced mood that helps you live every day to the fullest. A blissful matcha hot chocolate with an earthy indulgence and a cinnamon kick.

All organic ingredients: raw cacao, gelatinized maca, reishi extract, matcha, Ceylon cinnamon, pink himalayan salt.

Chai Latte Blend - 10 sachets
Our Chai Latte Blend (formerly called Brainiac Chai) is an energizing blend that will get you focused, without caffeine. Trying to avoid the anxiety, insomnia, rapid heart rate and many other side effects of caffeine? This is for you. This flavourful coconut milk chai can be enjoyed on its own, made into a latte or added to your matcha or black tea. 

All organic ingredients: Coconut milk powder (contains tapioca maltodextrin 2.5%, acacia fibre 0.5%), lions mane extract, rhodiola rosea extract, mucuna pruriens extract (min. 15%), bacopa monnieri extract (>50% bacopasides), Ceylon cinnamon powder, ginger powder, clove powder, cardamom powder, allspice powder, nutmeg powder, stevia*. *stevia is extremely light. This product is not sweet. Sweeten to taste at home! 

Hojicha Powder - 50g pouch

Hojicha is a traditional Japanese tea made from roasted green tea leaves milled to the consistency of matcha. Hojicha has an incredibly smooth and naturally sweet taste with delicious nutty, roasted flavours. It's low in caffeine, which makes it great for an afternoon latte.

Ingredients: organic Hojicha roasted green tea powdeh

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