Matcha Lover Bundle

By: Amoda Tea

Love Matcha? Try it three ways with this bundle - with coconut milk, as hot chocolate, as a creamy adaptogen-spiked latte.

The formula to a matcha lover's heart =
give them matcha in ways they've never seen before.

An OG Amoda product, Matcha Activate has proven it needs a place in your daily routine! Matcha Activate is your easy, delicious solution to owning your day without coffee. Organic matcha boosted with adaptogens and nourishing herbs helps you experience a calm, focused energy so you can stay sharp all day without jitters or a crash. Whisk into a cup of hot oat or nut milk for a morning latte or add it to you smoothie.

Whisk Matcha Bliss into warm nut milk for a healthy hot chocolate. With meaningful amounts of reishi mushroom and maca root powder, two powerful adaptogens, energizing matcha and mood-elevating cacao, Matcha Bliss, will give you an all-day boost.

Matcha Glow is our all-in-one matcha latte, just add to water! Matcha Glow is an energizing matcha latte blended with our dairy-free tocos coconut creamer to wake up your mind and help you look and feel refreshed. Brighten your day, feel revitalized and hydrate your skin from the inside out. Rich matcha with vegetal notes and mellow umami, deliciously creamy coconut and a mild natural sweetness. Get your glow on!

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  • On-the-go, travelling or at work.
  • Kicking a coffee habit
  • A calm, focused energy boost that's low in caffeine.
  • Pre-workout energy!
  • Supporting your body and mind through daily stressors.
  • When you're feeling tired and run down.
  • On-the-go, travelling or at work.
  • Hot chocolate lovers looking for a healthy alternative.
  • A chill, focused energy.
  • Supporting your body and mind through daily stressors.
  • Supporting a healthy immune response.
  • Anyone looking for a sustained mood boost.
  • On-the-go or at work when you don't have milk to make a latte. There's coconut milk powder in the sachet!
  • A clean, sustained energy boost.
  • When you need some help focusing.
  • Everyday radiant skin. 
  • Hydrating your skin from the inside out. 


    Matcha Activate
    All Organic Ingredients: matcha, gelatinized maca, eleuthero (siberian ginseng), green tea pollen, spirulina, vanilla.

    10 sachets per box (1 tsp or 2.5g per sachet)

    Matcha Bliss
    All organic ingredients: raw cacao, gelatinized maca, micronized reishi, matcha, true cinnamon, pink himalayan salt.

    10 sachets per box (4.5g per sachet)
    Contains 1000mg of reishi, 1000mg of maca per sachet.

    Matcha Glow
    All organic ingredients: coconut milk powder (contains tapioca maltodextrin 2.5%, acacia fibre 0.5%), matcha, tocotrienols (rice bran solubles), tremella mushroom extract, amla, lucuma, monk fruit extract.  

    Contains 1500 mg of Japanese matcha, 500 mg of tremella mushroom extract, 1000 mg of tocotrienols and 200 mg of amla. 

    10 sachets per box (6.3 g per sachet)



    Rejuvenating Elixir
    1 Matcha Activate sachet
    1 tbsp hemp seeds + 10oz hot water (or 10oz of your fave oat or nut milk)
    1 tbsp coconut butter
    A little sweetener, if you like.
    Blend on high for 30 seconds.

    Pre-workout Energizer
    1 Matcha Activate sachet
    1 cup of coconut water
    A few ice cubes
    Add all to a mason jar and shake vigorously.

    Morning Bliss Elixir Recipe:

    1 Matcha Bliss sachet
    8 oz oat milk
    2 oz hot water
    2 tsp of cacao butter (game changer!)
    splash of maple syrup
    Blend for 45 seconds

    Matcha Glow latte

    Mix 1 sachet Matcha Glow into a little bit of hot water. Top up with 8oz (1 cup) of hot and frothy oat or nut milk. 


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    Loved it! All the flavors were delicious.