Luxe Mother's Day Tea Set

By: Amoda Tea (Reviews)

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Spoil her with an exquisite gold-plated tea infuser and a pouch of one of our best-selling teas. You won't find this gold-plated infuser anywhere else in North America! This set is a very special gift reserved for the most important people in our lives. What tea lover wouldn't love receiving a gift like this?

Very limited availability!

Choose from a selection of our best-sellers:

Heavenly Cream - To-die-for vanilla cream earl grey. Velvety, creamy, round, smooth

Austrian Orange - A luxurious creamy black tea. Nutty and smooth with sweet orange and vanilla essence.

Berry Maple Waffles - An organic black tea with apple-y sweetness, dark berries and a maple drizzle. So yum.

White Berry - An organic white tea blend of white peony and silver needles. This has the soothing aroma of fruits and flowers. It's a touch earth, yet delicately sweet with a full mouthfeel.

Green Bluff Green - A beautiful jasmine green tea blended with fragrant green rooibos. Floral and sweet.

French Lemon Creme - Luscious lemon and creamy vanilla sweetness. This is built on a green rooibos base, so the blend has extra health benefits from locking in the herb’s natural enzymes.

Restore Cleansing Tea - An organic herbal cleansing/detoxifying tea, blended based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles. Floral and sweet with a complex earthy base and hints of ginger spice.

Coconut Chamomile - A beautiful herbal tea with floral flavours of chamomile, delightful fruit, hints of coconut and a perfectly sweet finish.

Infuser is made in Japan. 

Give your mom the gift of tea! Mother's Day is May 14. 

Order before Monday, May 1st at 3:00pm for delivery to the US. 
Order before Sunday, May 7th for delivery to provinces outside of BC. 
Order before Tuesday, May 2nd for delivery in BC. 

Pick-up available in Vancouver - email us

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