Latte & Smoothie Set

By: Amoda Tea (Reviews)

Four organic blends for your latte and smoothie needs. This set comes with our Classic Matcha to make 100% pure organic matcha lattes, Matcha Activate for clean energy and stress support, Mocha Matcha for a healthy indulgence and Golden Turmeric Ginger for the best golden milk you'll ever have!

Our Matcha and Elevated Plant Powder blends are organic, delicious and simple to use.  The Plant Powders are elevated with energizing matcha and custom blended with ancient herbs, superfood powders and supermushrooms. They work gently, but effectively, to nourish your body and elevate your mind naturally.

Our Golden Turmeric Ginger is based on Chinese Medicine Principles. Delicious, soothing, naturally sweet. A potent and warming anti-inflammatory blend of spices that helps with muscle recovery, digestion, immune support and reducing inflammation throughout the body. Whisk into hot water or milk, add to smoothies, baked goods and raw treats.

Each pouch is 28g/1oz of goodness. Comes with a recipe card.

Matcha Activate
Mocha Matcha
Classic Matcha
Golden Turmeric Ginger

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