Hojicha Roasted Green Tea Powder

By: Amoda

Hojicha is a traditional Japanese tea made from roasted green tea leaves milled to the consistency of matcha. Hojicha has an incredibly smooth and naturally sweet taste with delicious nutty, roasted flavours. It's low in caffeine, which makes it great for an evening latte.

Hojicha roasted green tea powder is perfect for lattes, baking and smoothies.  Our hojicha is farm direct from the same producers of our matcha, in Uji, Japan, so you can expect the same premium quality and smooth taste. The tea plants are grown on organic soil, free from chemicals, pesticides and herbicides.

Low caffeine

What's In It: 
Roasted green tea powder

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Customer Reviews

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Rich and Delicious Green Tea Flavour!

I absolutely love having this tea as a part of my daily routine and so look forward to my afternoon breaks with it. I love how concentrated the powder is compared to green tea bags. It makes for a more decadent and creamy tea break. It's also low in caffeine which is a plus for people like me who enjoy tea and latte breaks but get the shakes and jitters from caffeine. I am hooked!

Matcha lovers late night lattè

A smooth nutty flavour profile served hot or iced, a huge win for Amoda bringing this in! We will have the ceremonial matcha in the morning and the hojicha in the afternoon/evening (since it’s low caffeine). We purchased two of these incase it was only limited time! If you love matcha, you’ll love hojicha!