For the Purist: Organic Ceremonial Matcha + Modern Matcha Whisk

By: Amoda Tea (Reviews)

Looking to gift the most nutrient-packed, antioxidant-rich vibrant green matcha? Paired up with a modern match whisk, this is the ultimate gift. Our Ceremonial Grade tastes incredibly rich, creamy and full-bodied with a lingering sweet finish. Organic, shade-grown and authentically stone-ground. This is your matcha for sipping straight with hot or iced water. Grown in Uji, Kyoto prefecture. Matcha from this region is known to not be bitter. 

And the best way to whisk your matcha and get that amazing frothy crema? In our opinion, an electric frother! Easy, effective and familiar. 

* glass is not included in the set

30g/1oz | 15 tsp | 30 servings
One serving is 1/2 tsp.

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