For the Matcha Lover: Organic Ceremonial & Classic Grade Matcha + Modern Matcha Whisk

By: Amoda Tea (Reviews)

Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha for sipping straight and Organic Classic Grade Matcha for lattes and smoothies. Plus, a modern matcha whisk (a.k.a electric frother, a.k.a best way to froth your matcha)

Our Ceremonial Grade tastes incredibly rich, creamy and full-bodied with a lingering sweet finish. Organic, shade-grown and authentically stone-ground. This is your matcha for sipping straight with hot or iced water. Grown in Uji, Kyoto prefecture.

Our Organic Classic Matcha is shade-grown and made from young leaves harvested in early Spring. Although Classic Grade is best for blending, you can enjoy this straight as a hot or iced tea. Organically grown in China.

 For more ways to enjoy your matcha, visit our Guide to Matcha.

* glass is not included in the set

110g/4oz | 55 tsp  
One serving is 1 tsp.

30g/1oz | 39 servings
One serving is 1/2 tsp


Tags: Organic

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